Establishing and maintaining a perfect eCommerce website might be a challenging task at times. As an eCommerce website owner, you might feel that there is no end to the aspects that should be monitored in order to determine the success of the website. Right from the website design to navigation and website development, an eCommerce website owner might get really bogged down. The first solution is to have a WordPress powered eCommerce website that makes life easy as it provides with a wide range of plugins and extensions that can be utilized by any type of website.

If you would like to focus on the key areas of your website in order to create a good impact, have a look at the most prominent pages of your website first – the ‘home page’ and the ‘checkout page’. Although people might enter into your website from some other page as well, however we will consider the home page as the starting point and the checkout page as the end, where the visitor has bought a product through your website.

Below mentioned are 6 important ways that you can implement on the home page and the checkout page in order to enhance the efficiency of your eCommerce website:

Display The Top Sellers : Home Page
Your home page is your first impression so put your best foot forward. Concentrate on those products or product lines that get the maximum volume of business for you. There is a reason why this works! If do not highlight the bestsellers, boosting sales is not going to be possible.

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Portray The Security Aspect : Home Page
Right from the beginning let your users know that that you have a robust website with perfect business operations. You have got complete PCI Compliance, SSL security and secure payment gateways. If you don’t know the way you can use the front end of WordPress, for displaying all the payment options and security, you must get in touch with a good eCommerce hosting company that offers all the security specifications that are required for your website.

Display Payment Options : Home Page
Right from the beginning people are interested in knowing about the payment options that they have for buying a product from your website. Never have the limitation of just one payment gateway, especially if that payment gateway necessitates them to leave your website in order to complete the transaction. It is crucial that you maintain the interest of your visitors / customers and ensure a great online shopping experience through your website design and WordPress theme. When people come across the payment gateways featured on your home page, they are more likely to enter your eCommerce website and buy products.

Have A Persistent Shopping Cart : Checkout Page
Most of the online shoppers do this at times – they visit the website, put something in the shopping cart however they do not buy anything. There are various reasons behind this however you must have such a WordPress eCommerce website that makes that reminds the visitors that they have added some items in the shopping cart before they leave the website. This is known as ‘Persistent Shopping Cart’. This is a small trick however it can do wonders to your website conversion rates.

Limit The Exit Points : Checkout Page
Overall, you have taken a lot of efforts to get everything right so the someone would visit your website, search for the appropriate product and add that product to the shopping cart. When they reach the check out page, do not let them leave easily. This goes on to say that you must keep people on your website till they complete the checkout process. Preferably, try not to let your customers go to any third party website for payment. If you give any chances to the visitor to leave the checkout page, there are possibilities that he/she might not complete the transaction.

Simplify Things : Checkout Page
It is crucial to make the checkout page easy for the customers. This can be done with the following options:
Reduce the amount of information that they have to fill in.
Enable auto-fill for the city and state tabs once the visitor enters the zip code.
Provide a check box for this option – ‘billing address is the same as the shipping address’

These seem like minute things however they make a huge difference in terms of your website’s impression on the visitor.
Apart from this, anything that simplifies the purchasing process for the visitor is a plus point. Moreover, this also reduces the instances where the visitor may leave your website without making a purchase.

If you are serious about making your WordPress eCommerce website work, it is important to do your research on the finer points of the website. It is also crucial to work with the right web hosting company that will provide you with the best storage space, complete security and the other necessary functionalities that you need for your WordPress eCommerce website.