Because today we can’t live a day without the internet, and we use it not only to talk with our friends or relatives but for shopping as well, it is always good to know a few tricks you can use to make e-shopping more pleasant. But today let’s take a bit of time and talk about another kind of shopping – the hotel room one.

So for your pleasure, I present you six really working internet tricks you should totally try out then you want to get a cheap hotel room wherever you are traveling to.

1. Dig hidden discounts: What do we mean with hidden discounts? Well, it is pretty simple, actually. If you are you a member of AARP, AAA, such professional group as the American Bar Association or the American Medical Association, you may be one of the people who can get a discount while booking a hotel online! On the other hand, some hotel sites advertise packages and deals. So, if you like a particular chain, sign up for its e-newsletter with the latest information on discounts and package deals and easily save money just like that.

2. Use special booking sites: Of course, online you can also try out another way how to book a hotel cheaper. And this time, it is various special hotel booking services. This will find you the best hotels around the world and also help you pick the best one fitting your price range. So check this internet site as well, and make a room booking easy and cheap!

3. Online coupons also work: Also, online coupons are also worth considering and trying if you want to book a hotel room more affordable. And since there are thousands of them wandering around, all you need to do is to surf the web a bit and find the best online deals. The most popular coupons right now are Priceline,, and Hotwire, so check these out as well, and get a discount without even trying that hard!

4. Email the hotel manager: Sometimes a little bit of courage and being confident can pay of millions. So why not to try out and reach the hotel manager to ask for a better room rate or, at least, an upgrade? Usually, this trick can work then you already had a stay at a particular hotel and wrote an e-mail saying that you really did not enjoy it that much. Therefore, some hotels might want to give you another chance and might pamper you with a few benefits. You can also try finding a telephone number of hotel’s manager as well, and even try to talk directly via phone. This way negotiation can work even better.

5. Switch to incognito mode: This trick is one of the easiest and one of the most working ones as well. By simply switching to incognito mode while looking for rooms, you will avoid various sites from collecting information about your searching history and so, escape the dynamic pricing as well. But take notice, that after you find the room you wish to book, turn off your browser and then open a new window also with incognito mode. This way you will surely get the best deal there is, and decrease your chances of overpaying radically. Trust me!

6. Check hotels that don’t appear on major search sites: And finally, do not always go blindly to big chain hotels. Sometimes you can find a deal of the lifetime is you choose to stay at smaller hotels rather than big ones. Many small hotels don’t want to work hard to be the first’s one of Google. Therefore, it is pretty hard to find them online. But that does not mean that they are some kind of worse than big ones. In fact, they are more likely to give you discounts and various other advantages if you write directly to them. So forget about the big hotels and better chose a smaller hotel you won’t be necessary find while surfing the web. Some pretty amazing ones can be quickly discovered at TripAdvisor, so check there first.