Working from home as a content writer is one of the most lucrative jobs in the market right now. The best part about it is that you get to set your own working hours. You essentially become your own boss, you only do what you’re comfortable with and you can easily plan your work schedule not to interfere with your personal activities. When it comes to content writing, it’s not always about writing skills you possess, you also need other important skills to become successful. You need the following six basic skills in order to make it successfully as a content writer.


1. Master all the different writing skills

Not all content writing is written in the same style. A good example is when writing a blog and product review, you will use two completely different writing skills. For the blog, you need to be opinionated and so friendly while the product review needs you to be both catchy and informative. There are so many different writing skills that come with the modern society and that you may decide to specialize in, examples include brand journalism lead generation writing, copy write digital/UX writing, subject matter writing, technical writing and social media writing. They all need various different writing skills you should do research on and it doesn’t take long to learn. For example brand journalism lead generation writing requires you to produce franchise lead generation campaigns, they should be accurate and catchy because they primarily act as pitch sales. When you decide to do social media writing, then you will need to use the social message optimizer and your content needs to be short, precise and appealing. You will also need to write differently depending on the type of audience you are reaching out to.

2. Comprehension of English Grammar

Successful content writing is only achieved when you are able to pass your message correctly. You can only do this if you have a full comprehension of the English grammar. You need to be able to pass your message how it is intended and to the right audience. Proper command of the English language is the key to becoming a successful writer. Some writers choose a short-cut way of replacing words with their synonyms. However, this fallacious method does not work when the content requires quality and needs to be published on some genuine website. As a blogger, copywriter or technical writer you must have firm grasp over the synthesis and analysis of sentences with a firm grasp over the voice of the verbs along with a deep vocabulary.

3. Keep up with the writing trends like CSS, SEO and HTML

When I mention writing trends is actually talking about SEO, CSS, HTML, and WordPress. They constantly change and add new features that you need to always know. It doesn’t need to be a deep understanding, but just the basics will ensure you become a successful content writer. These front-end development essentials are the backbone of the presentations of the content on the web page. Like, for example, you want to show the text first, then the video bigger than the normal and then again text but different font and style. HTML will do that for you. Moreover, in today’s world where 50% users of the internet are mobile or app users, it’s this CSS, HTML and JavaScript which gives the users presentations of their content according to their devices and the user will need not scroll right or down as the page will automatically open with the required margins and paddings. So, being a content writer you must be familiar with these front-end development aesthetics, if not expert.

4. You have to be socially active

To ensure your content is read by a large number of people, you have to be a social person in the first place with lots of big circles. This will help you increase the demand for your work, and the probability of your work being read by more people is greatly increased. One way of doing this is to make your work-related Facebook or Twitter page and increase your friends or followers circle. It can help you in both ways, that is, as a platform to find work online as well as an evidence of your professionalism while you are doing for someone.

5. Good researching skills

You need to have access to a lot of data to get quality material written. One thing that will take you a long way is being internet savvy and always yearning to look deeper. Try to keep up with trending topics and be ready to do research at any time. Your research skills are ancillary to your content writing skills, just because you can’t be expert in every field of study you are given work from. So searching it on Google is essential to know more about the assigned topic in order to right the best in your own words.

6. Creativity to transform the old into something new

This is a skill that every content writer should possess and it’s very critical to becoming successful. Most of the times you will need to transform old used up topics to catchy new trending topics. It all comes to how creative you can become and bring out a whole new fresh perspective that no one else could see coming. This point holds true for the topics that can’t be changed or where creativity does not lie. For instance, a topic to write briefly about our solar system isn’t too subjective topic to write, as there is one universal consensus about this that our solar system consists of 8 planets (previously 9) with each planet having unique name, functions and atmosphere agreed globally.


With good writing and the above-mentioned skills, you will undoubtedly make it as a successful content writer in no time. Remember that when it comes to content writing the only thing that can limit you are your imagination. Practice will make you perfect. Not many days will be needed for you to become an expert and offer your services, as famous professionals, like, are doing today.