6 Good Reasons to Buy a Big CarSince much of the 21st century has seen gas prices fluctuate well above exorbitant, most American car buyers have been economizing their vehicle needs. Smaller, fuel-efficient models are the norm on roads throughout the United States, and advertisements for sport utility vehicles and trucks are on the decline.

However, there are still plenty of good reasons to purchase and own a larger car. If you are on the fence about going big, here are six good reasons to go for it.

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You Often Travel on Rugged Terrain
Bigger vehicles perform better than smaller ones on harsh terrain like rocks, mud, and snow. Some car sellers will try to convince you that front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive vehicles will provide as much traction when they are outfitted with the appropriate tires, but larger cars like trucks and sport utility vehicles (SUVs) are lifted higher from the ground, which lessens dings and scrapes to the underside of the car while diminishing the chance of becoming mired. If you live in a rural area or frequently visit locations where the road is less than paved, a larger car is definitely preferable.


You Need to Transport Many Passengers
At absolute capacity, most sedans and smaller cars can hold five people, but none of them will be comfortable. Meanwhile, trucks can transport about as many people, but they have the advantage of extra headspace and legroom that comes with a larger vehicle. In contrast, most full-sized SUVs come replete with a third row, and thus they are able to comfortably fit as many as eight humans in the cabin. Even mid-sized SUVs provide more comfort — though not additional seating — than smaller cars. You can explore all of your options at DodgeChryslerJeepofKirkland.com. No matter what, if your family is growing or your big group of friends likes to stretch out, you need a bigger car.


You Frequently Require a Bunch of Cargo Space
Office workers usually only need a suit and a cup of coffee to function in the workplace, but professions that are more hands-on often demand workers come prepared with tools and materials. This is why you see almost all craftspeople driving larger vehicles — they need the space. Even if you aren’t hauling timber and motor tools to work every day, if you expect to need a large amount of cargo room, you will be supremely frustrated with a small car.


You Need to Pull Things
large vehicleOn a related note, you’ve never seen a sedan towing a trailer, and you never will. Small cars do not possess engines strong enough to pull extra weight, which means when small-car owners must move items that won’t fit in their limited trunk space, they must spend extra to rent larger vehicles.
Conversely, large vehicles, like full-sized trucks and SUVs, are usually capable of towing over 2500 pounds — more than two tons — without a noticeable change in drivability. The ability to pull comes in handy more often than you might think: If you hope to go RV camping, transport large animals, or even move your furniture from one house to another, you’ll need that towing package only larger cars have.


You Are Concerned About Safety
Even with airbags and electronic stability control, smaller cars will never provide the safety in collisions like larger cars. The size of a vehicle and the amount of safety it provides is directly correlated; Forbes reports that deaths in collisions involving minicars were nearly twice as numerous as those involving large sedans. The Senior Vice President of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety — which rigorously tests all makes and models of cars to understand vehicular safety — stated, “[A]ll things being equal, if you’re concerned about safety, you want a bigger, heavier car.”

In fact, the statistics regarding the safety of larger vehicles is so convincing that President Barack Obama’s plan to boost fuel efficiency actually removes incentives for automakers to manufacture only small cars. If the president believes that trucks and SUVs have earned a place on the nation’s highways, you probably should, too.


You Want One — Badly
The truth is that the absolute best reason to buy a larger car like a truck or SUV is because you want one. If your heart has been set on a growling beast of a vehicle since before you earned your driver’s license, you will likely be perpetually disappointed with a smaller economical choice. Instead of lowering your spirits every time you put your key in your ignition, opt for the big car you have always wanted and live out your dreams. Not only do you get to fulfill a lifelong fantasy, but you earn the previous five benefits as well.