Android is not only simple to use but also easy to manage and that is the reason that it is used by millions of people around the globe. There are a lot of things yet to be learnt about Android and the stunning features that it provides. There are a lot of tricks that can help you boost up the performance of Android OS. Following are six tricks that we have listed for you to manage your android phone well and enjoy battery utility.


Enhance your Android Experience with the following Tricks

The following tricks will enable you to play games in higher resolution. You will be able to check your CPU usage and a lot more things will become easy.

For the following advantages you will need the developer options enabled on your android phone. To enable the developer option on your android OS go to Settings > About, On the Build Number, TAP 7 times and you are good to go.

1. Improve Battery by Disabling Animations: Animations suck the life out of your battery very fast and you might face a hard time to keep a hold on your battery. You can easily improve the performance and capacity of your battery. Installing battery doctor is a very good option to hike up the performance of your battery.

2. Tag Fake GPS Location in Android: Once you have enabled the developer options you can mock your GPS Location therefore you can “Fake” it, this can be a very effective trick in saving your battery life. This feature is generally hidden for the ease and convenience of non-technical users.

Go to Settings > Developer Options, look for Mock Locations option and enable it by marking on the check box.

3. Keeping your Android Device Awake while Charging: For keeping your device active for a long time and checking news feed, latest trends, RSS updates, etc. Following trick works best.

Go to Settings > Developer Options, look for Stay Awake option and enable it by marking on the check box.

4. Create Desktop Backup Password: For those of you who are tired of low memory problem, backup is must, by enabling desktop password you can ensure your phone’s safety.

Go to Settings > Developer Options, tap on the desktop backup password feature, enter the current password and then type a new one.

5. Enable Higher Graphics in Games: For improving the low graphics and enhancing your high end games you can use the following trick.

Go to Settings > Developer Options, search the Force 4X MSAA feature and enable it by marking on the check box.

6. Enable CPU Usage Overlay: If your battery is about to die around mid day, then it is important to keep check on the apps that consume too much battery. Turning them off will be quite a relief to your battery and it will last much longer.

Go to Settings > Developer Options, look for Show CPU Usage option and enable it by marking on the check box.

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You have learnt some of the best tricks to get the best out of your Android device. Developer option in android is a big boon and you can really benefit from it by knowing how to properly use it. For any problems regarding the above tricks you can comment and we will get back to you with solutions.