Suddenly I came across the video of Sadie! Somewhere that depicted the human nature. We always want unexpected things to happen and so do that girl. She loved her brother and her cuteness and she is aware of the fact that if she will grow up, he will lack it. Time flies so as life!

This video has a list of endless followers which is growing day by day. That suddenly catch my thought that why? Is the cuteness of the two babies are the reason behind the popularity of this video or the message that it wanted to convey through this video was the reason? The innocence of this girl child really touched my heart so as the others and this is the reason why it was selected as the best video of the week last week over YouTube.

Life is harsh but surprising this kid had understood the two harshness of life. She has realized the value of innocence at such an early age and she has developed love for her own life and this is what had forced her to say that she does not want to die even when she is of hundred years old. She is aware of the fact that the one who grows up has to die.

There is strong bonding between these brother and sister and this sister is so fond of her brother that she wants him to remain like this so that she can love him like now forever! She even cries and pleads to the anonymous person, may be her mother that something should be done to control the growth of her brother.


Sadie doesn’t want her brother to grow up and again and again she is requesting to control her brothers age by yelling and crying.

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Anyway the video is really an entertaining one, full of love, affection and innocence. A special video that express more and speaks less!  It is surely a video that has the ability to grab the attention of mass with ease. you will be forced to see it completely if you start it once. A video with a length of 0.56 minute but the impact it has on the mind last for long. If you have still not seen this video then do not miss it by any chance as you are really missing something funny and meaningful. Watch it now or regret forever! Don’t miss!