You are a fresher in the job market and only have your degree, resume and few good references in hand. Unfortunately, your interview experience will only consist of your conversation with the HR or manager prior to getting employment in the company. It is a big time for you and suddenly you realize that you have no interview skills or even you don’t have any idea how to begin anticipating your employer. It is the time when your fear takes over you. Whether it’s your first day at work or it’s your first interview, there are innumerable signs of nervousness which includes stammering, rapid blinking, profuse sweating and unfortunately this list goes on. But the good news for you all is, there are few ways to hide your anxiety. And today, we are here with the 5 ways to look confident in an interview.

So, after your long, exhausted journey, finally you have the golden ticket in your hands and that is, an interview. You might be in a celebration mood, but soon your panicky side will set in and your heart will start pounding. You are not alone who feel nervous before job interviews. Those managers are not sharks, but yes, they can easily smell your fear. But don’t allow your fear overshadow the best in you. Try one of the best 5 ways to look confident in an interview. There might be a possibility that these ways might not help you in feeling collected, calm and cool, but yes, these ways will definitely help you to look confident in an interview.


Just Breathe

Just take few moments before meeting your interviewer to breathe as breathing will help you in redirecting your nervousness or troublesome emotion and you will be able to focus better on your interview. Breathing is a process which you can regulate and control. It is one of the best tools to achieve clear and relax state of mind.

Don’t Move Restlessly

Moving restlessly is one of the major signs of nervousness. So, keep your hands over your lap or clasped together in order to avoid any noticeable squirming, table tapping or hair twirling. Most of the people are unaware about their nervous tendencies, so it is better to think again. You can even call out your friend for trying your hands with few mock interviews and your friend can call out any sign of fidgeting. After knowing what you need to avoid, you can easily control it.

Make Eye Contact and Remember that it’s a TWO-WAY street

If you are nervous, yet want to fool your employer or interviewer into thinking that you are confident, then throughout your interview make eye contact with the person. You just have to engage yourself with the interviewer if you want to look confident rather than looking away or looking down. You just have to focus on the spot between the interviewer’s eyes which is the best way to remind yourself for making the regular eye contact. Remember to not focus on making eye contact intensely which can eventually sends out some creepy vibes. So, just take few natural breaks in between. Do not forget that you are not only the one who is being interviewed, in fact, you are interviewing in return about the organization. Just answer and ask questions which can help you feel more comfortable.

Give A Pause

When we are nervous, we often tend to ramble and this is a dangerous sign because sometimes we say more than just needed, just off the topic and more than what is appropriate. So, to avoid rambling, just answer each question properly at one moment. Just keep yourself safe from all those unnecessary add-ons. Just keep your tone sincere which can help your brief responses coming out to be interesting ones. You just have to stick to one topic at a time rather than going off topic which can show your nervousness. And you need not to worry because if your interviewer is interested in knowing something more, then he or she will ask you to elaborate on the topic.

Positive Thinking

Finally, just make yourself calm down by reminding yourself that you deserve the position at job because you won’t be invited by the company if weren’t capable of the job. Just use your knowledge and mentally pump yourself up. This will allow you to approach a situation in a better way and you will look more confident.

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Yes, interviews are nerve-wracking, but they shows the best in you. During an interview, you just try to prove yourself as the perfect person for the job and show yourself as a person who can handle all the stressful situations easily. And even there are numerous ways through which you can search a suitable job for yourself and apply at the time when you perfectly prepare yourself. You can simply search through the opportunities using Atkins and apply for the job. They help in taking our careers in different directions and help us in getting the things which we want. If you want to secure the job, jut be confident, collected and calm. It is just a job interview and not a death situation. Your managers or interviewers are humans too, so they won’t mind ignoring your few nervous blips. Just relax and walk in for the interview.