Studying can be incredibly time consuming, as well as ridiculously expensive. Whether you’re studying an undergraduate degree, or further course such as a nurse practitioner doctorate degree, you may be too busy to think about much else. Having a blog is a great idea for students; you could use it to earn a little extra cash to fund your degree, or just to help others and learn new skills. Here are a few tips to help keep your blog fantastic, without neglecting your studies.

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Write What You Know

Why not start a blog about the subject of your studies? This way you can use your blog to help you learn, while being able to easily fill it with great content. If you are studying a healthcare degree, you could use your blog to share important health information. Someone studying doctor of nurse practitioner programs would have a lot of knowledge around healthcare and nursing systems that would make a great blog.

Use Who You Know

Interview people you’ve know from university. Whether that’s fellow students or professors and alumni. Interviews make great blog pages and you’re surrounded every day with a wealth of knowledge. Use it to your advantage. Even if you’re studying online, why not email a tutor and ask?

Social Media

Social media is an incredibly quick and easy way to help you grow your blog. A lot of the advertising is done for you, through other people sharing your content. It’s also a great way to meet other people in the same situation as you, and build a fantastic online support network to turn to for help and advice. Be sure to help others out as well, and you’ll go far. Pinterest and Twitter are great places to start.

Consider Using Apps

There are some great apps now that allow you to schedule your posts, and your social media activities. You can set them up to share things at certain times, and even have a queue. 5 minutes’ work could save you hours.

Get Organized

Organization is going to be key to success, in both blogging and studying. Plan your days, schedule time to spend on your blog, and make sure it never over runs into study time. Buy a notepad and a diary, sometimes its easier to stick to a plan if it’s written down in front of you. Set yourself some goals. Where do you want your blog to go? Are you aiming to monetize, or just to have some fun? Make both a long and short term plan. You can always change it later if you change your mind, or your circumstances change.

There’s no reason a blog can’t help you massively while you study. It could end up making enough money to cover your course fees. You could use it to further your knowledge and build a great support network and make important contacts for the future. Stay organized, always put your studies first, and remember to enjoy it, blogging is meant to be fun after all.