If you are among those who have been studying English for years, without any signs of improvement, it is likely that you are not doing something right. The reality is that most non-native who are learning to speak English experience difficulties because most conventional tutors learn more towards teaching grammar and vocabulary in contrast to engaging students in everyday speaking classes. This article will provide 5 efficient tips that will help you learn English faster than you thought.


Choose an English program that concentrates on Conversational English rather than grammar
Go for an English course that concentrates on developing everyday conversation in contrast to a program that focuses on English grammar and vocabulary. Engaging in role-playing, group exercises,and one-on-one interactions will improve your confidence level as well as offer the ideal opportunity to practice better. While grammar and vocabulary are very essential part of learning English, real conversations require practice of what you are learning from audiotapes, textbooks, and classroom. You will also have someone to support you through this process.

Learn how to think in English
Practice speaking to yourself throughout the day, as this will enable you to start thinking in English rather than in your native language. To interact with people, you need to translate your thoughts into English. Even if there is nobody with you, try to describe the activities that you are engaging in at that time. For example, if you are dressing to work, describe the process, by saying“I am putting on my trousers right now” or, “I hope I am not late for work”. Try to comment on what is happening around you or on the news (“I am sad for these people who are suffering famine”).

If you really want to speak English fast, practice with a native speaker
The reality is that if you really want to speak fluent English fast, you have to speak it in every opportunity you have.One simple way to achieve this is to get a partner who is a native English speaker. Owing to the advent of social media, it is very simple now to seek a partner who is a native speaker. You can find an English tutor or partner online at https://preply.com/en/skype/tutors-gmat and get started. Whether you do so within the community or online, get a native speaker- that is all that matters.

Train your ears to comprehend language better
There are several ways to train your ears and it is very likely that you are already doing so. It is normal for English students to listen to music in English or even watch English TV shows, but that is not all you should be doing.There are audiobooks in English which can be downloaded from several websites and can be played anywhere you are comfortable to listen,be it on the road or while relaxing at home. Start with lower levels and try to understand as much as possible.

Learn English idioms and slangs
Learning several idioms in English is essential if you want to speak English fluently in a short time. Instead of trying to just retain idiomatic expressions from books, try to learn others from the TV shows you watch and by interacting with native English speakers. By writing down the idioms that you are not familiar with and learning them at your own time, you will get better at speaking. Later, try to use those idiomatic expressions and slangs in everyday conversations.

The most efficient method of learning English fast is by gaining confidence through speaking outside with friends and neighbors. Do not just stay indoors and read books and watch TV- remember that practice makes a man perfect. Furthermore, get as much information as possible from audiobooks and other materials.