Holidays are expected to be a happy time, but holiday season often evolves into a critical situation with a long list of unreasonable expectations and tasks. Only you can make your holiday worst or best by avoiding or including stressful activities and tasks in your holiday routine. The crowds, shopping, consecutive diet-busting parties and everlasting chats with your relatives can increase stress in your life. Insatiable stress can devour the joy and comfort of your holidays. You often think about shopping during holidays and vacation plans can make you worry about money. Keep it in mind that stress can increase the risk of your illness and lead you to death. There is no need to worry because it is possible to survive the holiday frenzy without frantic feelings.

There are a few expert strategies that will help you to escape the seasonal blues and stay healthy, energized and happy.

5 Simple Ways to Beat Holiday Stress

1) Improve Your Mood with Sunlight

Sunlight is good to stimulate the production of serotonin, and it helps you to get rid of SAD (seasonal affective disorder). SAD is a depression related to the change in seasons, and it starts and ends at the same time on every year. Sunlight, phototherapy, and medications can be the excellent treatments for SAD. If you want to ease symptoms of SAD, spend time near windows or outdoors on sunny days. You can ask for a phototherapy treatment from a reliable doctor.

2) Whiff of Natural Citrus Can be Good

Research study on depression proves that natural citrus fragrances uplift the feelings of well-being and relieve stress. It can increase the levels of alleviating mood hormone called norepinephrine. The smells of grapefruits, lemons and oranges can uplift your mood. You can dab an orange or lemon essential oil on your handkerchief and tuck it in your pocket.

3) Squeeze Here

There is a fleshy point between your thumb and index finger is called hoku spot in Chinese medicine. Apply firm pressure at this spot for almost 30 seconds to reduce tension and stress in your upper body. If you start feeling overwhelmed by holiday chaos, give a squeeze to your hand and slowly take deep breath.

4) Create a Good Plan for Season

If you want to keep stress, anxiety, overspending, and overwhelming away from you, create a plan for your holidays. Make a list of all important things that you want to do during your holidays, such as social parties, work events, gift purchasing, and sending, etc. Mark important social events on your calendar and write designated times to attend these events. Set your holiday budget in advance and get ready to accept changes gracefully. Prioritize your tasks and don’t try to overdo things. Stick to your budget and holiday schedule.

5) Forget Perfection

Stop obsessing to do everything with your hands to perfection. This world will not end if your house is a little messy or your dinner is late. Focus on enjoying the moments in your life and laugh to increase your energy. There is no need to sweat for small stuff and keep stressful things away from you. It proves good to make your holidays enjoyable. Get motivational quotes about holiday on ponbee.