Not everybody knows everything about Content Deliver Network (CDN), one of which is the way they can save you on bandwidth. Since providers charge customers based on bandwidth usage, they wouldn’t want to disclose ways of bringing down its usage. However, the internet might just hold the answer to your quest for the cheapest CDN available today.


Another thing to keep in mind is how to troubleshoot and optimize your CDN for heightened performance. This is possible only when you have a good understanding of its functionality and in-built nuances. Here are proven ways to strategize the performance of your content network delivery system:

20-Day Waiting Period

According to research, it takes about 20 days for the results to kick in. Search engine rankings and user results are bound to spike after a few days post implementation. You’ll notice unique page views, Google rankings, and much more. Customers using a powerhouse CDN system are known to experience at least a 60% increase in revenue. Also, increased traffic means more conversions, which is always a good sign.

Fail-Over Strategy

This is necessary to for an all-round up time. Implementing a fail-over strategy ensures that you don’t have to deal with uncalled for downtime – it blends in a backup service into the content delivery system. If your website demands fast, reliable services, then you must consider investing in a trusted state-of-the-art CDN fail-over strategy.

Open Source

These work great in achieving faster content delivery and better UX usually at no extra cost. Look for frameworks, like Bootstrap, JavaScript/CSS plug-ins, Font Awesome, and other such accessories to ramp up performance. It just proves that content delivery system doesn’t have to be an expensive affair and you don’t need to compromise on quality either.

Image Optimization

Images account for at least 60% of most websites and on an average they weigh 2.1 MB. These images are partly responsible for slowing down page load, and they also eat into the bandwidth of your content network delivery system. You can streamline this issue for improved web performance by running the images through a reliable image optimization tool, like Optimizilla or ImageOptim, though there are plenty more options available.


It’s not enough to just settle for the cheapest CDN without first making sure that it’s configured accurately. You need to reconfigure the CDN once the SSL is enabled to prevent any instances of a redirect. Make sure you take some time to review the CDN configuration on your origin server. This could prevent expensive redirects that might cost you some by eating into your timeline.

OCSP Stapling

You can cut down SSL connection times a great deal by bringing in the OCSP stapling technique. If you need to leverage web performance protocols to gain the trust of your users, it’s time to secure your assets with an SSL certificate. The OCSP stapling makes secure connections work faster which can heighten your SSL connection time by 46%.

Caching Headers

Reading and comprehending about caching headers can help analyze and optimize your content delivery network for optimal results. If you didn’t know this already, the manner in which your content is stored and delivered by your CDN is determined by caching headers.

CDN Traffic Analysis

There are amazing features called Raw Logs which lets you observe each request coming your way. This helps give you instant, granular insight into all CDN activities. You can filter all requests based on location, zone, user agent, cache status, CDN PoP, and much more. Raw logs give you quick insight into troubleshooting scenarios nice and easy.

Strategizing CDN for Best Results

Since all content delivery networks have a unique strategy, the pointers listed here might directly or indirectly apply to you. These are proven ways to improve and enhance the way you handle your CDN strategy for the best results. With the advance of new protocols, troubleshooting tools, algorithms, and exceptional web technologies, you can upscale your content delivery network to match your customer’s unceasing demands.

Though you might have to spend a few extra dollars on a good quality CDN, it’s not difficult finding the cheapest CDN like in the marketplace. When you know where to look, it’s an easy-breezy task to find a content network delivery system best-suited to put your business into forward gear.