Slow internet is the bane of many people’s lives. In some parts of the world internet is either non-existent or so bad that it may as well be non-existent. Often this is down to a lack of investment in infrastructure on the part of the companies providing the service, but there may well be a simpler reason why your internet connection is slow, so make sure you check the following before you start looking into AT&T U-verse availability in your local area.

Check Your Internet Plan

Some internet plans are pretty terrible and if you don’t have much of a clue about how the different packages work, you could end up on a prehistoric broadband tariff with speeds so slow even the local postal service is quicker at delivering mail. Generally speaking, older tariffs are not as fast as newer deals, because the internet service provider won’t upgrade you to the latest service unless you pay extra. So if you are lagging behind on slow speeds, check to see if there is a better deal on offer.

Is it a Computer Problem?

Is it just your computer that is running on a go-slow? Before you ring up your internet provider’s helpline, see if the problem is yours alone, or if everyone in the house is affected by slow broadband speeds. And if you live alone, try accessing the internet from a different device. If it is fine on a different computer or tablet, the problem is your computer.

Reset the Router

Sometimes the simplest way to fix a slow broadband problem is to reboot the router. It doesn’t always fix the issue, but since it only takes a few minutes to reboot a router, it is definitely a strategy you need to try sooner rather than later.

Boost Your Wi-Fi Signal

Try repositioning the router or placing some silver foil behind it to boost the signal. This can make more of a difference than many people realize, since Wi-Fi signal doesn’t pass through solid walls and concrete very well. If the signal is poor upstairs, try plugging in a signal booster. These are cheap to buy and can make a big difference to a Wi-Fi signal if you live in a big property.

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Check Internet Activity in the Rest of the House

The more people using the internet, the slower it will be. Obviously you can’t ban certain individuals from using the internet (even if you would like to), but it is a good idea to check what everyone is up to if the internet is running slower than treacle. Downloading movies or playing certain online games can be heavy on bandwidth. This means your teenager might be having a great time playing World of Warcraft, but as soon as you try to watch a movie on Netflix, it starts buffering and you lose the plot.

There are many other potential reasons why your internet connection is poor, but if all else fails, call up your internet provider’s technical support line and see if they can help you fix it.