Google has really shaken the world with its all new invention the Google Glass. The new gadget has been listed as one of the biggest inventions of 21st century, and is sure a next step to the technology run. Google has yet again proved that technology has far more potential than you could imagine, and the company will not leave any stone unturned to uncover that hidden power. With the introduction of Google Glass this year, another debate started all over the world discussing the advantages, as well as disadvantages of the new product. In this post, we’ll take a look over 5 simple reasons that might lead to failure of Google Glass.

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1. Voice Control: Do we actually need it?
Just imagine a scenario where you would be walking around the garden wearing your new device, and to take a picture, you’ll need to shout, “Take a picture now Glass!” The concept of voice control is not new for us, but speaking of it, how many of us do actually use it? Most of us would prefer swiping our fingers across our smartphone, rather than shouting instructions at it, which would be more time consuming, and totally embarrassing.

2. Fashion Statement: What if you’re not in it?
No matter how well they design it, but the look will still get outdated with time. People wouldn’t consider you a genius walking on streets with your glasses on, but only treat you as an idiot. Moreover if you’re not a regular glass wearing person, you’ll need to be careful enough not to drop them while performing a few day to day life tasks while walking briskly, jumping softly, bending down, or any other. Who wants a wearable computer anyways? The next thing which might come up in market is t-shirts illuminated with Super AMOLED displays.

3. Money no problem: or is it one?
People would prefer to spend their hard earned $1,500 on a new MacBook, than over any phone, or tablet which won’t even perform anywhere near to the ultrabook. A laptop is designed for multiple different functions, and that’s the reason people agree to spend a large amount over them. But on the contrary, a Glass is simply a mobile device. It cannot replace your laptop. Will you shout put the commands for even copy pasting some content from the web as well? The glass doesn’t have much of significance apart from using maps, social network profiles, and capturing small images.

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4. Early Records: Are they good?
Google completely failed with the delivery of its most anticipated handset Nexus 4, and so might be the case with this next generation device again. Google may team up with someone else to produce the hardware to meet the public demands, but who apart from Apple has the exacting tech production facilities to address demands.

5. Distraction: The biggest problem
Imagine a scene where you’re driving towards your home wearing your glass, and a notification pops out of nowhere, frightening you to such an extent that you almost bump your car some place. Sure enough that is one thing you would not want. We cannot say if this would be legal, or not, but still the glass is full of distractions, and will not allow you to focus on your routine task once you wear it.

So decide, are you planning on buying one of your own Google glass or not?