The most magical time arrives during the Monsoons in India when soothing rains refresh the nature and the moods of the people. And the monsoon season marks its beginning from Kerala followed by covering the Indian subcontinent’s dry lands and finally residing again in Kerala before its exit. The monsoon comes during the months of July till September in India and many states of India are blessed with this season. One of those Indian states is Kerala, which is the God’s Own Country and other includes Mumbai, Delhi and much more. What actually makes the monsoon season the favorite of Indian people?

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You might have your own reasons to love monsoons, but I do love this season because of the restful weather, the pitter patter of the raindrops and that intoxicating smell of the wet sand. The monsoon season comes as a change to those long summer heating days and lush beauty surrounds us. This season brings prosperity to the farmers and peacocks dances with joy. The monsoon season brings rejoice time for everyone and we see everyone celebrating. Previously, people used to avoid traveling during the monsoons because of muddy roads, waterlogged issues, bad weather and delayed flights.

But, now, the travelers have started witnessing the charm of the monsoon weather and they have only spread the word that one should enjoy the appealing weather of Kerala during monsoons. During the monsoon season, Kerala turns itself into an intensive paradise with cloudy sunsets, lush greenery; cheerful fervor comes with the array of festivals and gracing the hills and backwaters. Those intermittent rain showers impressively enhance the romance of the monsoons. Do you know that the monsoon season comes with multiple benefits and reason to travel during the time? Though it is not the right time to pay a visit to the beaches because of water high levels, yet here we have listed the 5 reasons why you visit Kerala during the monsoon.

1. Kerala- A land of Diverse Festivals

Though every Indian festival is purely associated with the Indian land and culture, but to be specific, Kerala celebrates the festivals at its best. With the monsoon season, Kerala celebrates Onam, which is one of the most prestigious festivals of India. Onam is a harvest celebration which falls between the months of August and September. It is one of the most celebrated events in Kerala and it marks the perfect parade of the Indian cultural elements. During the Onam celebrations, people witnesses the annual boat race performed on the Pamba River. This event gives an excitement and a mesmerizing experience to the travelers and visitors. Other than Onam, there are numerous festivals which are celebrated in Kerala with unique rituals and traditions.

2. Kerala- The Ayurvedic Treasury

With the monsoon season, Kerala witnesses the beauty of the natural scenic landscapes which gives the people a new lease of life. Traveling to Kerala during the monsoon season, you will witness the ecstasy in the beautiful scenery with an unforgettable aroma. Besides the beauty of the landscapes, Kerala is popular for its ayurvedic treasures. It gives you an awesome experience of the finest ayurvedic therapies and herbal massages which help you in rejuvenating and relaxing your body with the exotic spa.

3. Kerala- The Perfect Destination for Honeymoon

Kerala offers a great ambience with those captivating backwaters and dazzling beaches which make it one of the perfect destinations for a honeymoon. With the arrival of monsoons, Kerala offers its green ambience with the romantic poetry of its shadowy covers. This season hits Kerala twice and perfectly sets the romantic mood with those rejuvenated lands. The hotel packages in Kerala are highly affordable unlike the other tourist destinations because they offer huge and attractive discounts and honeymoon packages.

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4. Kerala- The Green Paradise of Backwaters

The beaches of Kerala adorn the beauty of the place and the backwaters certainly make Kerala a perfect northern gateway. The backwaters of Kerala are certainly the integral constituent of this beautiful state and turns into a green paradise during the monsoons. With the dense woodlands tracked by these backwaters of Kerala gives you an exotic experience of the natural beauty.

5. Kerala- The Natural Splendour of the Captivating Beaches

The seashores and the beaches are the major facets of the western coastlines and the Kerala beaches have something more mesmerizing. The charming beauty of Kerala is perfectly made by those scenic landscapes which are harmonized by those sea melodies during the monsoon season. The seaside at the Kerala beaches gives a unique portrayal of the state’s natural characteristics as well as the splendor of the season.

All this together makes Kerala a dreamy location

Tourists from all over the world visit Kerala in the monsoon season and guess what? Kerala is the only Indian state where a monsoon hit twice a year that means it gets those blissful rains two times. Isn’t that amazing? The state of Kerala is one of the tourist paradises of the world and has been listed among the most attractive places to visit in monsoons.So, if you really want to have the real taste of the monsoon season, then you must visit Kerala because this is one of those Indian states which celebrates monsoon with the entire splendor.