When it comes to online project management tools, basecamp is considered an industry leader. Is it really so? Or is it an illusion? Does Basecamp has all the tools required to be the complete project management tool? Let’s take a look at a very reliable basecamp altenative called Active Collab and how it has a finer edge over Basecamp and it’s services.


#1 Self hosting option

Active Collab provides you with an option to self host your project management tool locally in your server. This provides complete control over what you can do with your project management tool like unlimited storage and no restrictions on the amount of users and finally and most importantly complete control over the data that is hosted. If you prefer low maintenance, active collab also provides a cloud hosted version.

#2 Time Tracking

This is seriously my most favorite feature of the lot that active collab provides and basecamp doesn’t. Active collab allows you to individually track the time spent on tasks. This is a huge boon as it helps you to keep track of the amount of time spent on a task and also help you efficiently calculate the total billable hours spent on a task.

Since it is cooked right into the project management tool itself it becomes more than convenient to get things done easily and seamlessly.

#3 Resource Management

The resource management tool enables you to see what work is aligned to whom and with that you can determine who is overwhelmed and who has lesser work on their plate. This feature will enable you to better plan your resources and improve the efficiency.

This will play a very important role in distributing the work evenly among your employees and prevent some from overburden.

#4 Invoicing

Active Collab also has invoicing feature cooked right into it. It’ll help you to create and send invoices based on the billable working hours tracked in the time tracking feature. This will enable a seamless workflow when it comes to your project management, as you can send invoices right from your project management console.

#5 Budgeting

Project management tools have two main purposes. To track time and to track money. Most project management solutions only provide options to manage your project in terms of resources and time, but active collab goes an extra step as to provide solutions for tracking money as well.

It has inbuilt options that enable us to make budgets and estimates and track the amount of money spent on individual projects. This is very helpful when it is combined with the resource management and time tracking features. It acts as a complete solution with every possible requirement fulfilled to allow us to have a seamless experience when using the tool.

#6 Customization

When it comes to customisation, active collab is the industry leader. It has custom themes ready made which we can use out of the box or you can customize individual elements to suit your needs.

If you are used to Kanban board like system, active collab provides you an option to set your workspace in a similar fashion so that your productivity and the workflow is seamless.

Let us know if you have any doubts regarding choosing the best project management tool out there. Choosing the right tool can help you save unneccesary trouble in the future and will enable you to focus solely on other problems that concern with developing your firm and improving the creative potential of your agency.

If you have any suggestions or opinions or personal experiences regarding using project management tools, engage with us through the comment section.