Have you ever wondered how the harsh rays of sunlight could be harming your skin? How the surrounding radiations have adverse effects on your health? And how mosquitoes are a threat to your life during this hot season? We are not discouraging you to go out, but we want you to get one of the following protective clothes to protect yourself. Trust us, you won’t be wearing any net covers or ugly outfits.


1. Sun Protective Clothing

A regular t-shirt has an SPF of almost 6.5, which decreases after a few washes. The sun-protective clothing efficiently resists the harmful sun rays to penetrate your clothes. The UV resist factor is mentioned often on the shirt tags. These specific clothes offer SPF 50+, which work the same way as a sunscreen or maybe even better. Dermatologist-approved, sun protective clothing gives full protection combined with a bit of style. No one will be able to spot the difference between a typical shirt and a UV-protected shirt. Infact, the range of UV protective apparels is so wide that you can easily find amazingly stylish outfits for all seasons, occasions and even for beach.That’s a year-round protection without any design compromises.

2. Mosquito Repellent Clothing

Mosquitoes are despised by everyone. Luckily, the technology has advanced enough to help us get rid of these blood suckers. Mosquito repellent clothing is formed using invisible, odorless insect repellents that are heavily infused with the fibers of the outfit. And the best part is, it does not kill the style. It feels like your normal everyday clothing with the same level of comfort and fashion. Mosquito repellent clothing is available in stylish headware, neckware, tops, jackets, pants, footwear for both summers and winters. You can even get mosquito repellent chic accessories like hand bracelets and necklaces.

3. Fire Resistant Clothing

Fire resistant apparel is a must have for those who visit construction sites and factories on a daily basis. The hot weather makes it very risky to work amid big machines, as such sites are more prone to catching fire. FR shirts protect upper body from fire hazards, while making the wearers look decent in the workforce. Buy a pair of fire resistant shirts and pants to get 100% protection. You will be amazed to see an array of unique designs FR clothing has to offer you.What’s even more impressive about them is the fact that manufacturers also offer industrial grade footwear that may not be fire resistant, but are surely one of the finest piece of hand crafted cobblery in action.

4. Electromagnetic Radiation Protective Clothing

We’ve discussed about sun protective clothing to protect your skin from harmful UV radiations, but you must know that your surroundings carry more than that. Your skin is also exposed to other rays such as electromagnetic radiations. How are you being exposed to these harmful radiations,you may ask? Well, cell phone towers, security scanners are just a few of the main culprits. These rays affect your body gradually and may cause damage to your skin cells, even mutating them to trigger skin cancer; yes, prolonged exposure can lead to such extremities. Your body becomes a ticking time bomb when exposed to such radiations on a larger scale, for a longer period of time. That’s where electromagnetic radiation protective clothing comes to the rescue. These clothes come in beautiful tops, hats, scarves, vests, shirts and trousers to block skin-damaging rays. Maternity tops are also available, making these clothes an all-rounder.

A number of brands offer electromagnetic protective clothing like Swiss Shield Wear, Silverell and 4EHS. The magical protective component is silver and sometimes it is a combination of silver and copper threading. You can get any imaginable clothing item, so style is not a deal breaker here.

5. Water Resistant Clothing

Unexpected rains can be really troublesome during the monsoon season, so why not take precaution beforehand with water resistant clothing. You don’t have to carry around umbrellas and raincoats everywhere you go. Levi has introduced rain/cycling jean jackets that checkmark both fashion and protection. Most of such clothes are also dirt resistant, which make them even cooler. The hoodies and jackets are made with water-wicking threads that not only dry up rapidly, but also regulate heat as well, making them super comfortable during winter.

That is not all, Levi has so much more! Their water resistant shoe range comprises of work boots and sneakers, to keep your feet dry and protected from mud and splashes. No, they are not made of yellow plastic and rubber, rather high-quality leather is used, that is polished/covered with waterproof oil. The FR Outlet alsohasa complete range of water resistant boots from different leading brands, that are toughened up to meet industrial standards of safety.

Levi’s is not the only player though; the Best Shirt Ever by Clickbait Clothing has come up with an all cotton made sweat wicking. Water repelling, stain proof shirt at just $99 for its kickstarter backers. Yes, that seems too good to be true, however the video shows that they did achieve this breakthrough. And if the campaign is successful, we can hope for more fantastic apparels from this ingenious start-up.

You can even make your regular wardrobe water resistant thanks to innovative Superhydrophobic coating products. These sprays have the potential to make almost everything water repellent. Here’s a cool video from Never Wet showcasing its abilities to the fullest.

Speaking of protective clothing, it is hard to leave out Flack Sack, the one and only backpack of its kind. It is not a shirt, we get it, but the fabric with which this drawstring backpack is made of is so toughened up that it can withstand knife slashes and cuts, so resisting water is a child’s play. It is touted as being ‘theft proof’ and comes with RFID blocking technology. Its makers even made a shirt out of the same materials to showcase its durability and toughness against knife cuts and slashes. A must-have for students and travelers!