Long considered one of the most storied cities on Earth – along with Paris, Rome and Hong Kong – New York is perhaps most famous for its riveting Statue of Liberty, and the wonderful mantra “Give us your poor, your tired…”.


Along with California, it is perhaps the biggest melting pot in the States, with countless memorable places to visit. There’s no better way to do that, as a tourist or American visitor from another state, than with a discounted hop on hop off tour with Go New York Tours. To truly experience the Big Apple, you should first take an account of some of the best attractions.

1. Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty is almost a century and a half old, and still represents the glimmer of hope to incoming visitors to America. The gigantic creation was France’s gift to the U.S, and soars into the New York skyline at an impressive 152 feet. If you want an inside tour of the 225 ton bastion of hope, you had better schedule ahead and plan early – tickets are almost always sold out in advance. Guided tours include a ferry to Ellis Island and to lower Manhattan.

2. The Empire State Building

Soaring into the blue sky and topping out at about 1451 feet, the Empire State Building was, for a long time, the tallest building in America. It is, arguably, an even bigger New York landmark than the Statue of Liberty. With 102 storeys, you can see a breathtaking 80 miles in the distance from one of the top windows, with your eyesight just touching any of five different states on the horizon. As you can expect, the wait to get to the top and look through the telescope is long and potentially tiring; so book ahead and hold onto your ticket for a day with good weather – usually spring, summer and early fall.

3. Fifth Avenue, New York

You’ve likely seen this famous, 6-mile stretch of shopping boutiques and major malls on any number of sitcoms and movies. Some of the biggest names in the fashion industry are located either here or in Italy. You’ll find top of the line watchmakers such as Cartier, and fashion stalwarts such as Tiffany and Bergdorf-Goodman and Saks Fifth Avenue along this boulevard. There probably isn’t a better place to window-shop anywhere else in the world.

4. The Brooklyn Bridge

This steel bridge connects Manhattan to the mainland, and extends over the East River. Started by John Roebling in 1855, and completed by his son after the senior Roebling passed on, it holds the distinction of being the first bridge in the world build out of steel. It is instantly recognizable in images because of the two gothic stone towers that border the hybrid suspension between them. It is more than a mile long, and supports hundreds of thousands of vehicles and thousands of people on their daily commute. The Brooklyn Bridge is widely considered a cultural sensation to this day, and hosts showmen and daredevils performing various acts above the East River.

5. Wall Street

Where dreams are made and destroyed – insofar as financial matters are concerned. All the big boys are here: the New York Stock Exchange, the New York Mercantile Exchange, the NASDAQ. As a tourist attraction, it is doubly effective because of the many skyscrapers that line the nearly dozen city blocks that Wall Street spans. There is a strong sense of both history and modernity here, with the Federal Reserve among the many important buildings along the expanse. If you go, you’ll find that you’re not the only tourist who wants to know what it feels like to get close to the money.