If you build it, they will come, right? Not so fast. Just because you’re helping people with a wide range of illnesses, doesn’t mean they will automatically refer all their friends and family to you. And, your past success doesn’t always translate into future business. So, what is a chiropractor to do? Answer: intelligent marketing.

5 Modern Marketing Musts for Medical PracticesImage

Blog Posts –Everyone’s got a blog these days, but not everyone is publishing good information. The kind of blog posts you should be writing are ones that are informative and insightful – not the ones that look like they went through three rounds of legal compliance before being published. Now, granted, there is a compliance issue when publishing anything on the Internet.

You can’t just go out there and say whatever you want. You have to keep things relatively non-specific in the sense that you cannot diagnose or claim to treat anyone via your very public posts.

But, what you can do is educate and inform people with insightful information. So, for example, many chiropractors are getting into the related field of functional medicine. There’s some crossover between chiropractic care and preventative or functional medicine.

What kind of blog posts can you write about the human body, posture, and the effects of various lifestyle choices on pain and dysfunction? These are the types of posts where you can “go deep” into the subject matter and really help people without creating legal liability for yourself.

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Social Media –Social media is another avenue where you can have a lot of influence. On Facebook and Twitter, for example, engaging your current clients, answering questions, and posting interesting videos and pictures can drive loyalty and help spread the word of your business.

Get on Twitter and use live tweets to broadcast special events that you hold at your clinic or office. Or, attend trade shows and conferences and tweet the results of new studies or of new findings and developments in your industry – your prospects and clients can gain a new perspective on your business and the benefits of chiropractic care.


Email –A lot of people say that email is dead, but it’s actually very much alive. Now, spam is dead – that’s the truth. So, if you’re going to use email for marketing, you need to get out of the dark ages (i.e. the 1990s). You can’t just send generic email blasts out to everyone. You can’t even send cheesy personalized emails anymore.

You need to send emails that a relevant to your target market. Start a discussion instead of emailing “at them.” Don’t treat your email list like you would a billboard or radio ad. People don’t like being pitched via email. What they like are interesting shares, personal stories, and hard-to-find information.

If you can send them information that’s not easily accessible on the Internet, all the better.


Newsletters –If you’re signing up chiropractic new patients, you will undoubtedly want to get those people on some kind of newsletter. Your newsletter is like a monthly reminder that you’re there, and that your patients need to keep tabs on their health. Newsletters don’t have to provide groundbreaking information in every issue, but they will be more effective if you can provide unique or hard-to-find information in them.


Infographics –An infographic is an excellent way to show people statistical information about health problems – problems that you can solve. They also tend to be very sharable. And, while they can cost several hundred dollars to create, they have longevity and can be posted almost anywhere.