Mark Zuckerberg has already given the biggest gift to the whole world in the form of Facebook and with the added innovation in it every alternative second you are packed with surprises of it. Whether it was the attached online services of gifts or the various emotions features availability over Facebook. This content is all about few new innovative features which have been added to it to make it more desirable.

Facebook homepage Screen

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Yes! You can shift the position of chat box
Move Facebook Chat Box
Many times it happened that you have to close the tabs of the open chat box in order to get avail the desire chat box or sometimes you may have felt the urge to shift the chat box on the desired position but failed, so now you have a good news! You can o it. You just have to drag the mouse at the empty place in the chat box in between the name and star option and by dragging you could shift it to the required place. So now you can really share this trick and can prove your efficiency by it.


Now one more contributor to your album!
The pain of getting pictures from your friends or loved ones and then adding it to your album sometimes go to troublesome as they may delay the process or you miss to add this moment into your album. Now Facebook gives you the option of adding contributor to your album who could add more pictures into your album.

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Share the status or chat that you like
Earlier you had to copy the status that you liked of your friends or sometimes you may also fail to share some of the status that you liked the most. Now it is easy to do with the shared option and at the same time you also get the option to remove the name of the person from where you are sharing it. You could add it in bold or in any fonts. This could be done by using new FB formatted app. copying the chat and updating it is also now an easy way to go with Facebook.


Animated GIF Pictures could be shared on Facebook wall
Till now sharing and uploading Animated GIF pictures was an impossible job over Facebook wall and it was few months ago some sharp brains behind Facebook was able to upload and share animated pictures here but it was also blocked soon. Though the links that appeared there was not removed and the URL of such Facebook page could be replaced by other Facebook page URLs. Henceforth enjoy sharing such animation on your wall with ease.


Grab your Facebook fan page ID without the aid of any tool
Earlier after creating a Facebook fan page, Facebook use to provide you a special ID and when you convert it in username the unique Facebook fan page ID vanishes. Only via Facebook graph API or Facebook ID finder online tool you could find them but now no more these aids are required. Now officially you can see your unique ID as said by Facebook authorities. In case if you are not aware the procedures then follow few simple steps: visit edit settings> page INFO> and among various information that will be available there and via last option you could see your ID and from here you could copy and paste to the place you like.

It cannot be said these are ultimate tricks as more are yet to come. It is just a trailer about the simple magic’s that could be done by Facebook. So wait for them and till then enjoy these to uttermost!