After 5 years of experience with blogger, i learned HTML, CSS , JavaScript/jQuery and much more. Considering all works as a challenge is my motto it gives an opportunity  to use my technical skill. but now it’s time to learn PHP. However, i am also good in it as well, but in some of difficult cases i have to find someone to take little help. Whenever, i come into this type of situation i always choose Google. Yeah, Google has all the answers then why bother to learn anything ;) Well, after googling i saw that there is many websites available in the web, where we can learn PHP online. Choose the right one is also difficult for the new users. so, in this post i am going to present top 5 websites which i have used to learn php online, listed below.

Top 5 websites to learn PHP online free
This is official website of to learn PHP online. In this website you can find everything to know about PHP. If you are knowledgeable with basics of PHP then this website is more than enough to proceed. This is a must-visit website for PHP advanced learner.
w3schools is one of my favorite website since i also used it to learn codding like HTML, CSS, Javascripts. There you can find all tutorials are simple and easy to understand. i would recommended this website for beginners to learn PHP online.

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Tizag is website for those who are looking to learn basics of php, it covers all basci functionality to lean php online. has all the topic and categories to learn about anything. There you can also find PHP.MYSql tutorials which written by experienced developers. is also one of the best website to learn PHP online. there is lot of tutorials available to learn PHP online from the different authors.