Technology is getting upgraded day by day and in such a scenario it is a normal display that everyone wants to have the latest gadgets. The story is similar for PC’s too. In order to bring something upgraded and latest home you need to think what you could do with your old PC. At times many emotional values are attached with it and in no case you want to be ignorant with upgraded PC and at the same time you do not want to get separated with your old memories. As the technology is upgraded so are the means of utilizing any old piece of gadget including your PC? Though there are endless means of utilizing your PC but the best five ways to use your old PC are as follows:

5 best ways to utilize your old PC


Your old PC could act like a storehouse for memorable pictures and your favorite music. It could enact like a server of music and photos. The only thing that you need to have here is great space in your hard disk. In case if that space is lacking then it may not fulfill the purpose. It will help you in getting rid of your entire rows of CD’s which are tough to mange at times as you can dump them or sell them after you store then in your PC. By connecting your PC to a flat screen you could also enjoy the slide show of the collection of your memorable pictures.


How about converting your old PC into a complete browsing station! Plug a connection of internet with your PC and you’re the old and slow PC of yours will be desired by all at your home or in your office. Another happening idea could be to give it to the youngest members of your family by prohibiting the access of undesirable sites. It will help them in learning under your complete control. They will learn and at the same time you will have no fear of destroying it too.


What about converting it to a server of file storage! Place it to Linux and turn our old PC into a complete storage server of your file that often occupies a great space in your garage or store room. In case if the memory doesn’t support then opt for bigger hard disk?


Convert it into a computer lab. Often it is seen that people install Linux or other obfuscate software quite often and using your old PC for it is always a better idea. Here you could learn the skills of hard disk recovery or in fact you can learn more about computer by opening it.


Reuse that has been listed as the 4th way of conserving nature could be utilized here. What is wastage for you could act as a necessity for others and you can look for those via many online hubs that help you in selling your used PC. The best one among them is OLX where you can post free ads here. This site has maximum reach with maximum facilities. You can even choose the area where you want to enhance this ad more. A picture of your old PC could also be uploaded here. Let other reuse what you have of no use!

Old is always gold and what if your old has so many uses it may sometime sound better than new. So use your plan for your old PC now!