5 Best On Page SEO Optimization Techniques 2013

Are you looking for Best On Page SEO Optimization Techniques 2013? If yes, you are at right place because today I am going to tell you 5 Best On Page SEO Optimization Techniques 2013. I’ve seen that many people spending lots of money just to optimize their websites but here in this post, you will gain some knowledge on how to optimize a website and, of course, free of cost. So, On Page Optimization is a technical SEO term that refers to the techniques you should use to optimize your website to increase visibility on SERP.  Please continue your reading for more information.

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Here are the 10 Best On Page SEO Optimization Techniques 2013:

1. Optimize Your Post URLs/ Permalink
Optimizing your post URLs or permalink is also one of the most important SEO factors because search engines often present result on the basis of the URL. If your blog looks like http://yourdomain.com/?p=456 then it may be rather for search engines bot and also affect your website performance. It is better for you to customize your blog URL instead of generating random permalink. The most common and popular blog format is /%postname%.html and it is also search engine friendly.

2. Post/Pages Titles
Post and Pages Matters a lot in On Page SEO Optimization. When any bot or human visit to your blog post, the first thing noticeable is your post title. Your blog’s each and every page and title should have a different, unique and attractive title with all the main keywords of your post and page. Always write meaningful titles.

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3. Meta Keywords

Most of the bloggers ignore this step but it is very important. Whenever you write a post must add some Meta keywords which are relevant for your content. 3 to 5 meta keywords are sufficient for one post. Never skip this step.

4. Make Keywords Bold, Italic and Underlined
You can use bold, Italic and underlined styles to highlight important keywords and phrases in your blog post in order to attract attention of search engines. You can also use this to draw the attention of your readers. This method is one of the most effective methods.

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5. Post Length
Yes of course post length matters a lot. Always try to write an article minimum in 350+ words. But recommended post length is 500-1000. Search Engines always love unique and quality post but also of proper length.

That’s it…These all ways are 100% working. Must follow them. If you like this article must comment and also write your reviews also about this article through commenting