n the event that you have an online blog or site than you will doubtlessly know How well Google AdSense can encourage you to Earn Money from it. Google AdSense is in fact one of the best Ad Network to Monetize you Website or Blog. Anyhow with climbing number of websites and sites particularly in Make Money Online & Technology niche, Google has of late begun being exceptionally careful and strict while approving new AdSense accounts. So Now if your AdSense account is disabled or it is not approved, Don’t stress. there are numerous Google AdSense alternatives which can encourage you to procure average earnings from your blog/website.

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Yahoo! Bing Network (YBN) contexual ads

In 2010, Yahoo! close down its publisher network, however that wasn’t the closure as numerous might have accepted. In September of 2012, Yahoo! proclaimed organization with has since started the procedure of re-lunching the publisher network which is named Yahoo! Bing Network (YBN) contexual ads. Yahoo and Bing now have a concurrence with to give relevant ads to sites that have rights to showcase ad. Payment is Done through Paypal and Wire transfer. Yahoo! Bing Contexual Ads Program has a minimum payout threshold of $100.


This is one of the exact ubiquitous ad network. It is predominantly an Intext Advertising Network and recently they have begun including other Ad organizes besides. They pay on Per Click Basis and Can Also be Used as well as AdSense Ads likewise. Their Minimum Payout is $50 & Payment is Done through Paypal.


This is a different well known advertisement network.they pay on Per Click Basis and Can Also be Used on top of Adsense Ads additionally. A Best aspect concerning Chitika is that they have an exceptionally flat least payout of $10 & Payment is Done through Paypal or By Cheque (Minimum $50). They additionally have a referral project where you can get 10% of you Referral Publishers Earnings for 15 Months.


This is a different Ad Network having Ads of diverse configurations like Pop Ups, Text Link and so forth. A best aspect concerning clicksor is that getting endorsed by them is extremely simple. Their Minimum Payout is $50 & Payments are finished by Paypal.


This is an In content ad network to a degree comparative to infolinks. As per My particular encounter It is best suited or Websites/ Blogs with Good No. of Page perspectives They pay through Paypal, Cheque & Eft ( Electronic Fund Transfer . Least Payout at Kontera is $50.

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There are numerous other advertisement organizes separated from the once recorded above which can encourage you to Earn Decent Income. You can likewise attempt Joining Various Affiliate Networks to Boost Your Income through Affiliate Marketing.