car game
There is nothing more entertaining than games as you derive great entertainment in the process. Although, there are various games, yet the car games stand out to be the best ones. These games surely make you at the edge of seat. The following article helps you towards knowing the 5 best car games for the year 2013.

This is an abbreviated form of Project Racing Gotham 4. The game entails you to drive and this is the only way to survive. There are different sorts of cars in the beginning of the game and you can choose the best from the rest. The best thing is that you have the luxury of choosing from whopping 140 cars. This is how; you can make a selection so that you are able to survive. Hence, you are assured of enjoying to the fullest as well.

Bizarre Creations a renowned name in developing games is instrumental towards creating the game and it just goes on to show its importance. Therefore, one can realize the importance of the game which certainly does not need any introduction for sure. The best thing which is there with the game is that it is able to run on old fashion systems. Therefore, you are all set to enjoy to the fullest.

Burnout Paradise
Burnout is another name which is indeed a reflection to the best ever car racing games. Being synonymous with the best of features, you only have to be a proud witness of the game which is simply the best among the rest. Hence, do not miss playing it, in order to experience the best entertainment which is hard to be described in mere words.

Wheelman is the game where the main role is played by Van Diesel who travelled through the Barcelona city. Now, you have to face various difficulties and obstacles while advancing your way out as you drive car.  The essential thing which is worth mentioning here is that the game is synonymous with endless death and destruction.

Gran Turismo 5
Gran Turismo 5 is termed to be an all round game where you can have the taste of various game mode. You have the option of playing in the tournament by making your choice of different cars. You are supposed to be at your toes or else you will be eliminated without any warning. Hence, it is advisable to be thoroughly knowledgeable about the game so that you can have the best form of enjoyment like never before.

Finally, aforesaid are the 5 Best Car Games for the year 2013. The time will stand still as you play these games where excitement and happiness is indeed synonymous and hence you are assured of the most priceless time as well. After all, 2013 is the year which is going to give you loads of reasons to enjoy to the fullest as you play these games. So enjoy them to the fullest like never before.