Driving a car, a vehicle or moving by a mean of public transport sometimes makes us restless. What we seek is our own space, a kind of privacy where you are the boss. Driving a car becomes steering “The Mother Ship” of the aliens out of this planet, or moving in any public means becomes a DJ Club or An Arcade, where you are so into it that you forget, what are you doing and that too where. Here, we were referring to the music, or fun games we play.


But seriously, being in a vehicle becomes a monotonous task when it comes to a regular basis. There should be something, that could give or add a little bit of spark to that very existence of your in that mode of transport.

And this is what came into the minds of the working heads of the developers’ team in various Tech Giants like Apple, Google etc. And to add that little bit of newness or awesomeness into your daily routine, many apps were developed. And here we, bring to you some of the best apps that could that *spark* into your driving experience too.

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Voice Actions:

5 Best Car Apps

When Apple came up with the Siri, many statements surrounded the tech world, conspiring that now all apps are acting similarly. But Voice actions have got something different or out of regular scales. The developers added the basic functions like writing texts, making and receiving emails and setting up meetings. There’s also ability to set-up reminders which are from the Voice Actions app itself, and you can also tap into phone and contacts.

The app can also work with maps, translations, opening specific websites, searching Google, and playing music. The feature list is definitely extensive, and there are many things you can find and do with your voice. So just try it out, as it would be fun to give instructions while driving. You can get it on iOS, Mac or Android app store.



The name is just as appealing as the app is for the drivers, since it is just based on the basic aim of safety. Suggestive name; “eye on the road” to that of “iOnRoad”.

The app  iOnRoad is a driver safety app that uses a combination of GPS data and augmented reality to monitor the road ahead for potential collisions. So we are talking about Augmented Reality, that is something to look for. By warning distracted drivers that they’re too close to the vehicle ahead, iOnRoad could save money on low-speed fender benders or save lives when speeds get higher.

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Gas Buddy:


It’s best when we get something for free, and if not then for cheaper prices. So here is an app, which solves one of the issues of your rising gas prices or bill.

Gas Buddy helps you find the cheapest gas prices. You can either search gas prices by city or zip, or you can search using your location too. Its data is crowd sourced, meaning users enter the gas prices when they fill-up at a station. The app tells you underneath each price when it was last updated. And the best thing, since it is an open source based app, you get the best and at its best.



We rarely ever lose our direction, or get lost in our place. But sometimes it requires a push to go to new places and that’s the time when you look out for GPS and other directional devices.

Waze is one such app that solves your problem right away. Waze is a social app, which collects data as you are driving and lumps it together with data from other drivers to relay real-time traffic conditions. It uses data points, search, voice recognition and calculations to get you where you want to go, with turn by turn and sharing interesting places and favorite eatery and details about your trip. A truly fun and useful app.

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This is one of those apps that you should have, but hope you never have to use. iWrecked is a kind of a helper in the event of an accident.

This app gives easy to read instructions as to what to do after an accident. You can use the app when an accident occurs, just click a pic and a tore it in the photo album. The app tags the location, date and time of the incident. You can even fill out an accident report and find the nearest towing location. A helper in time of bad situations and during the worst case scenarios it helps by providing you the quickest help. Go and Get it.