There are many SEO agencies in Dubai working round the clock to help their clients gain a good position on search engines like Google. Since anyone who does business online is already well aware of the importance of SEO, there is no need to waste time and space highlighting why one should do SEO.

In this article, we’re going to look at the next step and that is choosing an SEO agency. Since there are tonnes of options out there, it often becomes difficult to pick the right agency. To help you in this regard, given below are four things to consider when choosing an SEO company.


1. The Rates

SEO can be an expensive deal. There are some companies that are expensive than the others and you must make sure to not go for a company you cannot afford.

The most important thing here is hidden charges. Not many SEO companies would tell you this, but they will not offer you everything when you subscribe to their SEO package as there are add-ons that will send your bill high. This is why you should ask those questions regarding what exactly you are paying and for what services so that you get what you expect.

2. Old Clients

The portfolio of the company will help you decide how good or bad it is. If a company shies away from sharing case studies with you, then it would be wise to give it a miss. Such companies are generally not reliable and are only fooling clients by providing them false information about what they can achieve.

On the other hand, if you get information on their previous clients then talk more about what they achieved and how. Pay attention to timelines etc., to judge their skills.

3. See What Services They Offer

Pick a company that offers more than just SEO services. Online marketing is not online about ranking high on search engines. You have to pay attention to other factors as well, such as PPC and social media marketing.
It would be wise to choose a company that offers all these services under one roof. This way you will not have to deal with a lot of people and you may also be able to avail some discounts and save money.

4. Professionalism and Communication

Pick a company that is professional. There are several ways to judge professionalism of a company. You can do so by going through their site and checking their reviews. What others have to say about a company will help you judge how good or bad it is.

Be careful because many companies post false reviews. Your best bet is to turn to third party sites for reviews on a company.

Lastly, check how well they communicate regarding the job and if they keep you in the loop or not. You do not want a company that does not send you timely updates.

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