The number of cars is growing as well as the number of online stores selling auto parts. Today people tend to buy things online and your goal is to make your car parts store as friendly as possible. In the modern world of constant competition it becomes really hard to stand out of the crowd but you have to as this will attract more customers to your store. And you want more customers, don’t you? Just follow the tips listed below, they are your steps on the way to a successful car parts store.



Appealing design: Design and overall look plays an important role for customers. One can argue with that but at the end he will have to accept that simple truth. So your first step is to find a good template for your car parts store or design it yourself.

Remember that there should be images of high resolution, clear calls to action and maybe some visual effects. So if your site looks like it was designed in the 90th or by an amateur designer, think about re-design.


Parts finders and filters: This point is more about site usability than design. Your online store is a huge warehouse with many shelves and car parts on them. It’s really hard for a customer to find the part he needs if there is no particular order or system in keeping the parts.

To solve that problem you can offer users different filters to show only relevant items and make user experience seamless. The best filter type is year-make-model as this meets the customer requirements.So he comes to your store, chooses Audi – A4 – 2011 and viola, all the needed parts are here.


Sorting: Ok, you already have parts finders, why do you need to add sorting options? The answer is easy: filters and sortings are not equal, they have different functions. You already know about the first ones; as for the second type (sorting options), they are needed to give customers option to sort parts by brand, price, etc. Each customer group has different requirements, and it’s a big plus for you if your store is able to meet all of them.


Pre orders: Some car parts happen to be out-of- stock or they are needed rarely and therefore there’s no point in keeping them in stock. So what can you do? In this case it’s wise to replace the “Add to Cart” text with “Pre Order”. On the one hand, it will let you provide customers with the goods they need; on the other hand, it will help you to control your inventory and keep in stock only those products that are in high demand.

Final thoughts

All these things seem transparent but you will be surprised to see how many stores neglect them. So it will be easier for you to make your store attractive if you have these things under your belt.