Looking for innovative, fun ways to spread the word about your new business? There are tons of cheap and effective ways for budding business owners to attract attention, gain headlines, and win over new customers. Whether you’re opening a vintage boutique, selling digital art, or teaching evening cookery classes, your cool, modern business requires innovative marketing tools and techniques in order to get noticed. Here are 6 exciting ways to shine a spotlight onto your brand.


Increase Brand Awareness With Street Art

Branding is an integral part of building an identity as a business. If implemented successfully, businesses should be able to project an image or personality to potential customers without the need for a physical dialogue. Branding done right means consumers will eventually be able to identify your business just from a logo, slogan, marketing campaign, or color scheme. With that in mind, one of the most radical methods companies sometimes employ to get people talking about their brand is the use of street art. This, of course, can take on many forms, from poster art to large-scale graffiti art to a small stencils dotted around the area like a treasure hunt.

Some companies such as Axe have used this medium to make a political statement, whereas others – such as Durex and parkinson.dk, a non-profit organization – have cleverly adapted the surroundings of the city in order to spread their message. There are a myriad ways to grab your target audience’s attention using public art. Whether you choose to incorporate the cityscape into your design, use shock tactics, or simply deliver a cool aesthetic, your street art could potentially be seen by millions of people. You should therefore carefully plan your optimal location and the message you want to send out. This should be a no-brainer, but remember to make sure you have permission to display your art in your desired location before going ahead and spray painting a wall!


Flyers and business cards may not seem so up-to-the-minute, but as the world of commerce becomes increasingly digitized, companies are beginning to neglect this established art form. With the challenges presented by the size limitations of a standard flyer, brochure, or business card, it truly is an art form. To reach out to a potential customer using just a piece of paper, it needs to be eye-catching enough to attract and hold people’s attention. For someone to even pick up the flyer in the first place, it needs to be provocative or visually appealing in some way. Consider your font, format, color scheme, and text carefully. The aim is to communicate your brand using as few words as possible – generally, people won’t spend a long time reading flyers if it isn’t immediately clear what they stand to gain from doing so. Finally, don’t just print out your flyers at home! Having your leaflets printed by a professional service will prove a worthwhile investment as this will ensure your design looks sleek and colors remain sharp.

Get Active On Social Media

Since the dawn of the internet, businesses have been experimenting with alternative ways to use their online platforms in order to boost brand awareness. Now, in the age of social media, there are more ways than ever before to get people talking – but this of course means that there is more competition, too. The majority of successful businesses take their personal aesthetic very seriously, and photo based apps and social media platforms are a great way to showcase this and attract people with their visuals. One amazingly efficient way to engage with people using social media is by creating a location for Instagram, Snapchat, and Google. That way, you can incite users to actively engage by tagging your business in their photographs. This will then achieve more publicity for your business without you having to lift a finger.


Another alternative promotion technique – which can be used both offline and online – is hosting competitions. The most effective way to inspire people to engage with you is with some kind of call to action. In this case – go for simple tactics; the most popular competitions are those that don’t require much time or effort from your followers. The easiest and most successful types of competitions offer customers a product or experience in exchange for following the company on social media, sharing a post, or tagging a friend.