This is era of technology and innovation every company is designing latest technology gadgets. You also have to compete with your friends by showing off some cool gadgets which they are not having.

Here I am having collection of Latest tech gadgets which you should have to show off to your friends.

Google Glasses:

Though it has not been out and completely prepared but it is one of the coolest gadget you must have. Actually it’s a head mounted computer and camera having android OS in it to control its functionality. You can do nearly everything like Surfing Internet, sending emails, chatting with friends, voice calling, capturing videos and photos, etc.

You can even use GPS with it and lots of amazing things to do using it. Just think when you are not having both hands free you can make a video with Google Glass easily and cleanly. It also have a small battery in it for power.

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3M streaming projector:

If you have ever felt that you cannot watch any movie like theater outside the theater, you are wrong. Now you can watch movie anywhere anytime using this coolest gadget.

This is a handy streaming projector you can use anywhere and with that it is also having a battery in it which can log last up to 1.5 hours easily and Video quality is awesome. You just have to place it on the table of your room or place it in somewhere in any wall and plug the Roku stick inside it and just enjoy it with friends.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX30V:

Photography is not easy with ordinary point-and-shoot cameras and professional photographers need something extraordinary for their work. Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HC30V is amazing camera for capturing videos and photos during any wedding or any other ceremony.

It has great mixture of speed and photo quality. It is much better than the previous model and is our best pick for fast photography. It is much slim and light lightweight that you can keep it in back pocket of your trouser.

You can take up to 320 shots with its one time fully charged battery. This camera also features Built-in Wi-Fi and GPS so that you can transfer photos or video to your computer, laptop or another mobile device easily.

Logitech K310 washable Keyboard:

Often you use computer while eating snacks or drinking cola or water and oil on your fingers makes the keys of keyboard sticky even some time water or cola gets spilled on keyboard and uhh your keyboard is dead now and you have to buy new keyboard.

No more now because Logitech Released a Completely washable keyboard for the use of this nature so that you can even wash it and even sink it in dishwasher for cleaning it and it also have holes for easy drainage and it dries in less than 5 minutes.

You just have to cover up the USB port of K310 with waterproof cap (comes with it) and wash it. Also it comes with 3 years hardware warranty so that you can use it with no worries. It is currently compatible with windows xp, windows vista and windows 7 installed personal computers and laptops.