If you’re looking to find your spouse the right gift this season — something more personal than a gift card and more exciting than socks — consider the wide array of tech presents on the market this year. The perfect technology-based present shows how well you know your spouse as well as how creative you can be. But just because a gift is high-tech doesn’t mean it is useful, so choose wisely. To avoid giving the techno equivalent of a fruitcake, here are five killer tech gifts for the business professional you love.

Best Tech Gifts for Your Better Half

Click & Grow Smart Herb Garden

If you and your partner are city dwellers but still long to plant and grow things, this cleverly conceived indoor herb garden makes for an ideal gift. It is great if you lack the space for a physical garden at home or at work, or even if you just enjoy fresh herbs throughout the year. The kit comes complete with everything needed to set up your small, indoor garden, and it is powered by LED grow lights, so it is energy-efficient and can be activated day or night.

Myo Armband

Thalmic Labs has produced one of the strangest but usable products with its Myo band. Truly for the gadget lover, this gift is an accessory belt that controls computers and other devices. The Myo band reads the electrical activity in your muscles and your arm movement and interprets them into commands. This present enables your spouse to change what appears on the computer monitor, play and control music and move from slide to slide within a presentation. And your partner will look like a sci-fi overlord while doing so.

Sage One

For your pragmatic business owner or entrepreneur, give a gift to make your partner’s hectic life easier. Sage One is an online accounting software program that allows users to run their businesses from anywhere — even from home with you. Sage One allows you to manage expenses and invoices on the go, collaborate with your accountant, manage daily administration tasks and crunches the numbers. It’s a practical and also a romantic gift because if you give the gift of saving time to your spouse, that means you receive the gift of having more time to share together.

Fitbit Charge HR

Fitbit has developed yet another fitness gadget for tracking your progress and vitals. If your significant other is a runner or health nut, the Fitbit Charge HR could knock his or her performance sneakers off. Charge HR is a wristband equipped with automatic, continuous heart rate monitoring and activity tracking. The benefits of an all-day tracker is that you can more closely and accurately monitor your workouts and calorie burn. Designed to help you reach your desired workout intensity, the Charge HR tracks distance, steps, floors climbed, sleep quality and more. It also comes with caller ID and can sync to your computer and smartphone.

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Sure, your partner could always use more socks, but this year show your love in binary code — or at least with a creative and useful tech gift.