In order to be a celebrity on YouTube, you have to have a massive presence, and in order to accomplish that, a channel with loads of entertaining videos is necessary. You can pull up the videos of YouTube sensations to find everything from live streamed game play, contests, challenges and emotional reviews.

These next three YouTube celebrities have just one thing in common, and that is gaming. They captured the attention of YouTube viewers with their ridiculous antics, trademarked multi-colored hair, or simply just revealed themselves to be really funny, personable and engaging. Check out these highly influential YouTube celebrity channels to see what everyone is talking about.

PewDiePie – Now You See Me, Now You Don’t

PewDiePie just pulled a major stunt that has the entire YouTube community talking. He is already the best known YouTube celebrity on the net, but he wanted to make a move that would cement his place in the internet video personality history books. With just short of fifty-million subscribers, PewDiePie promised that he would delete his channel in its entirety when the fifty-millionth subscriber signed up. Of course, if you were really paying attention you would have noticed that he had another channel that he hadn’t done that much with compared to his main one. In the end, PewDiePie got to more than fifty-million subscribers, and he did indeed pull the plug on his less popular channel.

Dan TDM – The Diamond Minecart

If you’re a player of Minecraft, you’re going to occasionally get stuck. YouTube is the perfect place to get helpful hints on how to deal with mobs of skeletons, spider, zombies, and creepers. Dan TDM covers Minecraft in great detail, but he is also known just as well for his good looks and bold tattoos. His YouTube channel, The Diamond Minecraft is regularly updated, both with walkthroughs and question and answer sessions with his viewers. You can check out his channel if you like to see how much you can do with a Minecraft server and a couple of free hours.

KSI – From Game Reviewer to Pop Culture Icon

Just try to go on YouTube and not see some mention of him. KSI is really big right now, and he is getting some other well-known celebrities help him on a quest to reach the number one spot. His videos are funny, entertaining and increasingly more complex. There’s clearly a lot of editing and post production work going on behind the scenes. He might have been known for playing popular videos but today, KSI is known better for being a fascinating entertainer. Go to KSI’s YouTube channel to see the action yourself.

YouTube celebrities are constantly working to keep their channels filled with new videos that viewers are going to want to pay attention to. They answer questions and show viewers their more sensitive side, then lighten the mood with a funny prank or completion of a challenge. See which YouTube celebrities are most likely to influence you and your online video viewing habits.