“Traveling is life changing,” is an understatement.

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Not only does it open your world to new ideas, it allows you to meet unique people that you’d otherwise never have contact with.

With the fast paced globalization that is happening today and the constantly cheaper alternatives to outdated expensive ways to travel (like Airbnb) there’s officially no excuse to prevent you from seeing the world and experiencing it other than through a TV screen and social media.

With the thrill of traveling comes all the planning, packing, and organization. This is why it’s often said that traveling is an art in itself. Planning and having a checklist is crucial to the success of your travel adventures.

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To add to that list, these are the six things that you’ll most likely end up spending money on that you might not have originally worked into your travel budget.

1. Travel Fare

Yes, travel fare does seem like a no brainer, you can often forget to budget for extra travel fare outside of the usual travel budgets you spend on flying or traveling by train. As we all know, most likely based on previous experience, machines tend to break down at unexpected times and places.

As a savvy traveler, you want to be prepared for last minute mishaps and adjust to the situations out of your control. When I visited Singapore, for instance, a driver I had hired didn’t show up. Thankfully, I had a handy travel guide and called the local Singapore Taxi company to give me a much needed lift to meet with a long time friend.

While I was able to think on my feet and react quickly, I wasn’t budget-ready to take care of this expense, which ended up happening more than once. So, unfortunately, I had to cut down my sightseeing list.

2. Trinkets

Trinkets are usually things you might tell yourself you won’t buy, but completely change your mind once you get to your destination. This is definitely spoken from experience.

You might be thinking of your family and friends back home and how you’d love to bring them a little piece of your destination back. The problem occurs when you realize you didn’t allow your budget wiggle room back when you were planning your trip.

Making sure to add an extra amount of ‘trinket’ money to your budget is a great way not to overspend or maybe worse want something and not be able to get!

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3. Batteries

Batteries equal energy and energy equals a key part of the puzzle in making your travel stories a success.

Whether it’s for your wireless mouse, DSLR camera, or a rechargeable battery for your phone, you want to be able to have access to a power source if needed. And because of that making sure you have budget for this is an absolute must!

Specifically, I remember packing for a trip to a remote area in Costa Rica and not thinking about packing batteries or budgeting for them in my expenses. Long story short I ended up losing precious shots with my vintage camera because packing or budgeting for batteries was not part of my plan. It was definitely a lesson learned.

While these aren’t the only additional things you’ll need to plan for, they’re definitely a necessity that constantly comes up during travel. Making sure you plan for these three seemingly unimportant things will make your traveling easier and your memories richer as you enrich your experiences. Happy traveling!