You know it’s time to switch to a VPS hosting plan when your website has started getting huge traffic and outgrown the shared hosting’s capacity. If your website is likely to receive massive traffic all of a sudden which becomes a problem for the other sites on the shared server, your host is likely to disable your website temporarily. To avoid such situations, you may have to get yourself a VPS hosting plan and be on the safer side. VPS hosting is not as costly as it may sound at first since many affordable options are available now. Let’s see what you should look for in a decent VPS hosting plan which can cater well to your website’s needs.

3 Important Things to Look for in VPS Hosting

3 Important Things to Look for in VPS Hosting

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VPS Hosting Type: Managed or Unmanaged?

Unlike shared hosting, VPS hosting comes with different levels of management and you have to choose the one that’s right for your website. You have to thoroughly evaluate each type of VPS hosting and decide what you want to go with. Most of the VPS hosting services may fail to specify if their plans are unmanaged, partially managed or fully managed. It is very important that you contact the online help team to know the exact type of VPS hosting plan that they offer.

The different levels of server management may sound a bit confusing but simply put, fully managed VPS hosting plan is the best one as it gives you more peace of mind. Just make sure that they cover every aspect of the management like monitoring, maintenance and administration. If they cover it all, that means your VPS host has everything needed to keep your site running in good health.

Optimum Features: Resources and Hardware

The primary features to look for in a VPS hosting plan is the disk space and bandwidth. Since these two features will determine the optimum performance of your website, you shouldn’t compromise on them at any cost. The higher the disk space and bandwidth, the smoother your website becomes. The uptime guaranteed by the hosting plan should also be considered as that’s what we need assurance for. You should also compare features like CPU, RAM, backup system, control panels and other allowances. The security features used by the host shouldn’t be ignored either as it is easy to lose critical information these days.

Affordability: Costly Need Not Be the Best

Some people think everything that is priced high is always the best. That’s not really true, at least not in the case of VPS hosting. There are the ones that are priced very high but offer almost the same features of their cheaper competitors. Then there are the VPS hosts that provide a bunch of extra features that you will hardly ever use.

Why pay for what you don’t need? Just choose the one that caters to your needs and is affordable at the same time. There are many VPS hosting providers that are good enough and affordable at the same time. Hosting review sites like­m , , , can be a good help in finding them. The easiest way to proceed is to shortlist a few, compare them and go for the one most suitable for your requirements. In the end, all that matters is reliability, uptime and security; if you get these three qualities for a given price, you are good to go.