Website is something that is mandatory nowadays – no matter whether it’s a business website or personal blog. You will need a website to make yourself publicize in the internet. A website is your online visiting card which can explain lots of things you do like service or any commissioned work. But there are many things that have to be kept in mind and have to be followed no matter what type of website you are creating. In other words, we can say these steps cannot be avoided.

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The small things which count:

Making a website is a very simple work and that can be done in few minutes. But there are many several things that have to be decided because these little things may be very effective in the future. You might think these might be changed in the future as learning process happens. But that’s not how it works. Here are few things that have to be concentrated on before starting a new website.

The Design:

Design is the most important part of a website, the final result the which the audience see. This is an incredibly important part for the beginning stage of a website. For example, test yourself by searching something on Google and click on the desired result.

There you can see how well the design is and the better the design, the faster the loading of the website. Design also includes navigation. If you can find things easier and quickly, it means that the website is designed perfectly from all perspective.

But designing a website is not a cheap thing. Well established companies might hire designers and do theirs. But as beginners, what you must do is to check the design and layout of some of the famous website and make yours look like that. But copying the same thing might end you with a problem.

This part requires lots and lots of homework researching the best design that suits your website and of course, it has to be related to what you do.

Marketing Strategy:

Marketing is the base. This will be required when your website is all up. But you might think who will look at your website. There are several ways to drive traffic to your website like SEO and many more which requires lots of research and learning.

The easiest way to drive traffic to your website is through marketing. Social websites like Twitter, Google+, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc. plays a vital role during the beginning of your website. No matter what type of website you have or what type of website you are planning to create. Good content + Social marketing will boost your website. You might think this might be a lame method, but the truth is that there are many website that follow this strategy as their main strategy.

There might be other methods which might provide good traffic but might not be a god investment. But social marketing isn’t that kind. Every minute you invest in this is going to pay off in the future.

Creating social media pages/Accounts in every social media websites can attract many users to your website. But applying various marketing strategies might be time consuming. There are various tools and websites that can take care of these.


A website design will make a visitor decide whether to stay or not to. If it’s good, it will create trust among the users because it lets people find what they want easily and quickly. Meanwhile marketing is the other hand, is one of the strategy. But this is not the only way. With little bit of research, it possible to find anything on the internet!

We recommend checking the video below on how to create a website: