Republic Day- a national festival of India is celebrated all around the India. You could see the flags flying and cultural shows being held in every corner of the world. Red Fort is the destination for all parade lovers. You could see the three wings of Indian army- navy, military and air force doing various stunts on this special day. Thousands of people come to watch this memorable moment. This day is then followed by the speech from the prime minister. Different states exhibit their culture in this program. This day holds a great importance in the life of all Indians.

26th January Republic Day

Why this day is celebrated?

26th January is treated as a golden day in the history of India as our constitution of India was made on this day in 1950. Since then this day was regularly celebrated in order to celebrate this huge achievement as a Republic Day. Many changes have occurred in constitution since then but the joy behind the celebration of this day is increasing day by day.

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Why 26th January was selected for this special day?

An old saying goes that Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose had declared long ago that he will celebrate 26th January as India’s Independence Day but before the arrival of this day he died in a plane crash. His dream of independent India was crashed too. Later our country earns their independence on 15th August, 1947under the guidance of great leaders including Mahatma Gandhi, Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru etc. In order to recall the dream of the great leader 26th January was selected to celebrate this day.

Many freedom fighters have sacrificed their life in order to attain freedom for their nation. Framing constitution was the next step towards the celebration of this great day.

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The entire nation celebrates this day with great joy. The whole of India becomes a part of this celebration. Helicopters show various shows in the air. Last year the image of hoisted flag was been made by the smoke of the planes. You may see mixture of culture and technology in this celebration. People are unable to blink their eyes when army does the parade. Rows of tall men in polished uniform actually grab all our attention towards them. National anthem is sung on this day followed by our national song. It seems that entire India has shrieked into the colorful dresses of all performers. You could actually learn today that no matter how much diversified India is but still it is one and above all unique! The combination of so many caste, religion, tribes and creed is the basic essence of the unity of India and one could really enjoy the joyous feat of these ingredients on this day!

Biggest confusion among Indians for this day

Thousands of people are seem to be confused between Republic Day and Independence Day and above all many are seen ignorant with the fact behind the reason of the celebration of this day! Surprisingly the most important day for Indians is just treated as a normal holiday among them.