Carve for independency is there in every human being and especially among students. The drawback is often they end up in spending their entire pocket money for buying educational stationeries and left with nothing. Often they feel that they cannot earn money but today the fact is there are multiple ways by which a student can earn easily. The top 20 ways in 2015 to earn money online by students are mentioned below through which they can have fulfilled independent life.

20 Ways Students Can Earn Money Online 2015


Content writing: if you have a knack to write without grammatical errors then you can easily convert your passion into money earning ways. Proficiency in English is mandatory here. You can write articles and sell them.


Music reviews: finding solace in music is a common practice among humans after their busy schedule. Students enjoy music most while doing almost everything. The good news is they can earn even by reviewing music. Internet has such opportunities for all students where they can earn by reviewing music for all unsigned bands. Though the pressure will be more as you need to work really hard to prove your entity but once you achieve the set target the earning may extend to £80 per month.


Selling photographs: want to pave the way to grab millions for your bank account then photography might help you if you are good at it. Fotolia, istockphoto, Instagram and other websites are there to pay you according to your photography quality if you upload them there.

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Online Tutor: a student is always a better teacher and you can take the aid of your skills and can earn money, simply by starting online tutorial on your favorite subject.


Earn by conducting online surveys: online surveys are too interesting when it is done to earn and that too during your spare times. Students really enjoy doing it. Business newbie’s keep on hunting for the people who could do the survey. Some website who provide these online surveys are MySurvey, Toluna, Poll etc who pays 2p to £3 for every survey done by you.


Writing EBook: students have to do a lot of research work while pursuing in their education and in such a scenario converting those researches into an EBook and earning via selling them is a good idea. How much you can charge per book is based on the potential of the content you put in the EBook. Try to provide a good cover to the book and you can earn all your life via it.


Online Research earning: online research has the thrill part associated with it where you can not only enhance your knowledge but at the same time could fetch money too. Less energy is required so one can call it as the easiest mode of earning online. Just watch the questions that are required to be answered and win 50-75p with every correct answer. Here your earning could be endless.


Play Online Games: now your parents will not ask you to stay away from the video games as you will be paid for trying your skills over new games. There are programmers who are always looking for those who are available to test the new games designed by them. You will enjoy as well as will be paid too!


Google AdSense: $200 is the extreme that you could earn via Google AdSense by just devoting some time, dedication and honesty. Just sign here and enjoy your earning.

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Bookscouter: another better way to earn money is by using the methods of businessman, here you can buy the books at the end of semester when the price of the book is low due to the discounts offered and could sell them to the incoming students at much higher rate. It is an app that permits to sell the old and used books with ease.


EBay: online shopping is one of the fascinated world for all the age groups. At EBay you can sell anything that lies extra in your cupboard which maybe an outfit or a book just by uploading picture over the website. Remember to put a reasonable price so that it can be easily sold.


YouTube: the world biggest website that facilitates the service of video sharing. Create the video of your own and upload it here to earn. It could be based on good humor, mathematics skill, creativity, voiceovers, dance or anything which is interesting and wait for it to generate revenue for you.

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Share the Link: LinkShare is one of the best ways to earn. Keep on sharing the link of the products and if customers buy it via your link then you will earn.


Mystery Shopping: here you can earn huge amount without any investment. There are diverse apps which provide you the opportunity to earn by performing certain tasks that too in your locality. There are certain agencies too who hire the aids of mystery shoppers to rate the hotels, shops, restaurants etc.


Freelancing: internet is packed with the jobs for freelancers. No matter what position it is- manager, writer, translator, virtual assistant, it need the simple skills of freelancing. Elance or peopleperhour are certain websites that offer such jobs.


Build- Websites: students are the best teacher when it comes to creativity and putting them to right use is the best thing you can do. The globe has shrieked into the screen of computer and cell phones and people are more connected through websites rather than blood relation. Agencies are always actively looking for those who could do web developing for designing the website and believe me the income is great!


Coding: HTML knowledge is what you need for coding. With coding you can earn. Start with a project, develop it and submit it to get money.

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Purchasing and selling domains: purchase any domain at low rates, edifice them and then sell them to earn extremely high than what you have spend.


Blogging: it could be termed as the high Rated work when it comes to earning as it controls the option of spam. Create your blog, work on it and earn.


Affiliate Marketing: in case if you are the owner of a blog or website, with sellers you can easily affiliate it to display ads over your website. If someone buys the product because of the advertisement over your website you could earn commission through it.

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Now never say that you cannot earn as you are a student, as you have ample of ways to earn as much as you can!