If you really want your boyfriend to smile over your text message notifications, then you need not search out further, because today I am here with the best 20 cute things to text your boyfriend which will leave him missing you and smiling over it. Don’t you think there isn’t anything better than making your man smiling at your message notification like an idiot? Obviously, you might know your man well about how to make him smile, yet there are some tried and true ways to elicit a smile.

Not only I have noticed the guys, but even my man smiles at my normal texts. Their smile is not an instant one, but slowly it spreads over that normal message from a lover. Isn’t that something adorable to watch? Men rarely show their emotions while looking into the screens of their phones until one of his friends has sent him a gross picture or an inappropriate content. And if you are really much comfortable with your man, then you can even get corny with him to bring him smile.

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So, if you really want your man to smile by your text messages, then you really need to know that you have to appeal to those senses to which your man respond to. To be specific, what I think a man responds to his sexuality, masculinity, and natural competitiveness. After analyzing, here I have managed to put together a list of 20 cute things to text your boyfriend which can bring a soft smile on his face and make him miss you.

It is not even possible for anyone who is in love to say that he/she has run out of words for his/her lover. We have a short time span and no matter how many years we spend together, there always a space between two people to want more. This thing might leave you in confusion, but yes, I am into a relationship since last 6 years and I can say we both have lived through the moments where we should have shown love for each other, but failed because we never tried of expressing it. And yes, when I learned how to make my man smile, I thought why not to share with you all.

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If you really want to see him smiling, then just send these texts over to him and see his expressions or response back.

  1. Saying I LOVE YOU is reserved for all the serious and long relationships, sometimes for long-distance relationships as well which can definitely make your man smile and feel butterflies in his belly.

  2. Giving COMPLIMENTS to you man and use words like sexy, handsome and hot, which can make up his ego.

  3. Send your first message saying, HEY! HANDSOME or something which can make him smile. After all, he is your man, you know him better.

  4. You man would love to get compliments on his APPEARANCE. So, you can just text him that you are missing his cute smile which can make him fall for you and grin a little.

  5. Tell your man something that he does and you love it. You can text him saying I LOVE IT WHEN YOU _________, give me small, cute gifts or a hug or pick me up, anything you like. This message will just make him feel good about himself and the relationship.

  6. You can send your man a classic line like you can say I LOVE YOU LIKE A FAT KID LOVES CAKE and yes, he will smile. It is an adorable text which will just melt away his heart.

  7. You can send him some NAIL-BITING messages, like SO, THERE IS THIS REALLY AMAZING GUY. I LIKE HIM A LOT. HIS NAME IS __________ (just mention his name). At first, this message might make him feel anxious or nervous or jealous for you, and then he will be surprised seeing his name. Isn’t it a cute way to shower your love on him?

  8. I had a bad day, but you clicked on my memory and everything just lit up. This is little kind of a CORNY message, but yes, you can use it if you really want to make your man fall for you again.

  9. You can just text your man a HEART SYMBOL (<3) which has a good impact and will let him know your feelings which can’t be described in words.

  10. You can SURPRISE him through the messages. Yes, it is a clever way to let him know that you love him.

  11. Say the BEST about HIM. Like you can text him saying that ‘you are the best thing ever happened to me’ or ‘you treat me like a princess’ or ‘you are my knight in a shining armor’ and something like that which you think can make him smile.

  12. Say THANK YOU for his unconditional, unconventional and undivided love for you. If he had stood through all ups and downs of your life, then thank him for being the sunshine in your life.

  13. I AM ADDICTED to you because you are my drug. This message would definitely go the best one with your man.

  14. You can text him a CHEESY text saying that ‘you are so hot that my condition bill would give me a shock or otherwise would have called you up over a cup of coffee.’

  15. You can text him about that you always check his pictures or body closely and say ‘YOU LOOK DAMN HOT N SEXY IN THAT MUSCLE TEE’. Isn’t it an ADORABLE message?

  16. Give him compliments about his physical stature and MASCULINITY. Nothing will go wrong with the saying that ‘I just feel safe in your arms’.

  17. Just let him know that his love is one of the best things happened and all your friends are JEALOUS of you to have a lover like him. This will boost up his ego and he might start flaunting your more.

  18. You can let him know that he is the one who COMPLETES your world. He is the man of your dreams. Though it is a kind of a weird concept, but yes, he would love to read it.

  19. Tell him that you simply love how AMBITIOUS he is and this message will simply make him grin. It will even give him a boost over his ambitious attitude as well.

  20. If your boyfriend does little cute things for you, then do let him know with a cute text message saying, “YOU’RE SO CUTE WHEN YOU ________________”. This might make him feel little embarrassed, but he would love it. So, just let him know that his silly things make you happy.

I have noticed that while sending cute and romantic texts, a man searches through the internet, but it is different in the case of a woman. I don’t know the reason, but yes, women also must show their deep love and affection towards her man. Change it, girls, by using these cute and thoughtful text messages for your boyfriends. What I feel that a girl should be able to shower her love on her boyfriend and make him feel special like he does because it will help you in making your relationship more happening.

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You might think that it is difficult for you to make your man smile over the text messages, but actually it is not. You just have to know the main thing to say the things at the right time. It is really not necessary for you to buy your man expensive gifts for making him feel special because your cute and short messages can work perfectly. Words are really powerful and can make your man fall in love with you again.

No matter whether you both are dating each other for a long or short time, these cute messages will just compliment his masculinity, sexuality, and ego and he will surely get a smile on his face while responding you back. These cute messages will not only put your man in a better mood but even will make him miss you more than ever and he will try to get back to you as soon as he can.