Watching movies while relaxing in the comfort of your own house is a pleasure, but most users are scared to explore this possibility. The reasons behind this are the fear of running some pirated version of the movie or the risk of opening up a spam link. Either way, users end up being disappointed, but not anymore. If you have a fast internet connection, then you can easily watch movies online and that too in a legal way and from trustworthy sites. Not just that, most of these websites have come up with their own mobile apps, so that the users can enjoy movies on their smartphones too. Some sites also offer you live streaming of TV programs as well, apart from downloading of the film or live streaming of the movies. Here we will be discussing with you 18 such sites that will provide you with uninterrupted and high quality video streaming.

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Crackle: This one is owned by none other than Sony, so you will find some of the best movies lined up along with TV shows that are in the flash format. More than 300 movies are present and they vary in genre as well. The best part is that you will be able to watch all these movies for free, but first you need to create an account for that. Blockbuster movies like Bad Boys, Stand By Me were on offer. They keep on refreshing their list with the new movies, so every movie that is there on the list at the moment has a time span after that it will be replaced by recent hits.


YouTube: We all know about YouTube by now, but mostly people think that it is a site where you get to see silly videos. But that is not true at all, here you can rent your favorite movies or you can also watch some of the best movies for free as well. Just visit the movies section and you will be welcomed by some of the super hit movies that are available for viewing free of cost.


Hulu: Three big names came together to come out with Hulu and the names that are involved here are Fox, NBC Universal and Disney. It will provide you with a wide range of on demand super hit movies as well as TV shows. They also have their own app, which allows the user to watch movies online on smartphones as well.


Viewster: Free TV shows along with free movies online, makes this site a great choice for viewers. They have a large collection of movies that you can watch for free of cost. The only thing is that you have to tolerate some ads if you are viewing the movie for free. There is a mix of all kinds of movies, some popular ones and some not so popular ones too.


Popcornflix: High quality movies and TV shows for free of cost is obviously a viewer’s delight and Popcornflix has been able to provide just that and much more. No matter what your genre is, there is something for everybody. You can go for comedy movies, drama, action, horror or romance in here. There are more than 1500 movies that are available in Popcornflix. You can enjoy all these movies for free of cost and that too without creating any separate account for that.


Yidio: In Yidio, the selection of the movies become much easier because of the categorization that is done in the form of a rating and genre. So, if you want your kid to watch a free movie here, then you can simply sort the movie by the rating PG – 13 or by the genre like animation.


WatchDocumentary: If you are fond of documentary films, then WatchDocumentary is the place to be in. There are almost as many as 10,000 videos that you can explore and it has a documentary on conspiracy, biography, science, history, drugs, music and health. The most viewed movies are also mentioned, so that you don’t miss out on the popular ones.


SnagFilms: They have more than 10,000 films that you can watch for free and you can easily locate the favorite movie of yours by the genre or newly added or the most popular or the most reviewed ones. The list keeps on changing and the best part of this site is that they have a viewer curated collection along with an editor curated collection, allowing you to view some of the best movies of the world. You will have to sign in through Twitter, Facebook or Google+ in order to enjoy watching free movies on this site.


Watch Movie Stream: Here you will be able to watch movies for free and there is an impressive collection of movies. You will have access to 664 licensed movies in the catalogue that you can enjoy. If you want, you can select the movie as per genre or you can go by the alphabets too. They also offer official trailers, related videos and clips of forthcoming movies and for this they depend on their partners like YouTube, IMDB and Daily Motion.


Top Documentary Films: Free documentaries available for you in here. Even the selection is made easy because now you can browse through the categories like Society, Technology, Politics, Science, Environment, Nature, etc.

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11 It actually helps you in watching some of the best movies in an organized manner. It collects movies from the public domains from all across the internet, so that you can enjoy them whenever you want. If you feel that you have some movies that will be a great addition to the list, then you are allowed to add them on to the existing list of movies too.


Classic Cinema Online: Classic movies are an all time favorites and this site will provide you with the collection from the golden era. If you like to experience the silent movies as well, then also this is the right place for you as they have some of the best collections of silent movies. You will get to see stars like Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton and many more spells their magic on you with their acting skills.


RetroVision: Classic TV shows are the highlight of this site along with the bevy of collection of free movies. Movies of all genres are found in RetroVision, so under one roof you will get comedy, adventure, horror, war film, etc.


Internet Archive Movie Archive: The films that are present in this site all falls under public domain, therefore, you won’t find any difficulty in watching them for free of cost. If you want, you can download them for free as well. Critically acclaimed films can be figured out from the blog that is there along with the most popular films as well.


myLifetime: There is a selection around 30 movies that you can enjoy for free of cost in myLifetime. But, this site is more than just that, instead you can also play games, watch videos and different kinds of shows along with movies. In the homepage only you will get all the list of all the movies, therefore, making it easy for you to figure out, which movie to watch.


Public Domain Torrents: There is no legal hassle in watching a movie here or downloading them because they all are public domain. You will get classic movies along with some B-rated movies in here.


Veoh: There are loads of free movies available along with several videos and that too without for free. Different genres of movies are there like sci-fi, drama, mystery, family, etc. You can also sort out the movies depending on the runtime of the movie or recently added movie.


FreeMovies Cinema: In here you will get public domain movies as well as independent movies too. Different kinds of genres, including, action, drama, horror, etc. are part of this site. You will also be able to share your favorite movies over email.