In the last past few years, social media has gained too much popularity among the internet users. Now many people has started using internet or use internet just because to get in-touch with their friends, family, and other people.

As the name suggest, these social networking sites are the main source for people not only to stay connected to their loved ones who are away, but these sites are now gaining popularity for many other reasons as well. For instance, Twitter, is used by a number of celebrities, people follow them, and what they tweet on their account, is considered to be ‘news’. Facebook is proving to be a great platform for marketers to promote their product. Google+ is used by many professionals to grow their circle, and so on.

13 Interesting Facts About Social Media

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In this article, we will discuss some interesting facts about the social networking sites present on the web.

  1. The Most Addicting Social Networking Site – According to a research, Facebook is the most addicting social network in the history so far. More than 22% of its users login to their account at-least five times a day to get updated with what their friends are posting.
  2. Smartphone and Social Media – 90% people use mobile internet to use social media. More than half of the Facebook users log in to their accounts using their smartphones.
  3. Social Media – An Effective Platform for Marketers – Social networking sites are used by different marketers to market and promote their products effectively. A study shows that more than 45% of internet users consult social media before they buy anything important. About ½ users of Facebook admit that they are influenced by the ads to make purchases. Twitter stands on the second position by influencing rate of about 1.5%.
  4. People Earn through Social Media – It may be an interesting and shocking fact for many, but a large number of people are earning good amount of money through social media. For instance, Empowr is a social networking site that not only allows it’s users to socialize through their site, but it also helps them in earning money through different activities. Learn more on what is empowr all about.
  5. Still Long Way to go for Marketers – Despite of the above fact, only 9% of big brands have full time bloggers to promote their products on the social networking sites.
  6. Privacy – Although privacy options are present for Facebook users to get their details secured, only 25% bother to use these settings.
  7. Two New Users in Every Second for LinkedIn – LinkedIn is considered to be a social site for professionals. It is not popular than Facebook and Twitter, but with every new second, two new people are connected via LinkedIn.
  8. Twitter has to Handle Largest Number of Search Queries – Twitter entertains more than 24 billion search queries in a month. It is far more than the queries handled by Bing and Yahoo.
  9. Instagram on Fire – 16 billion photos are already uploaded on Instagram, and 5 million more photos are uploaded on it on daily basis.
  10. Income of Twitter users – About 30% of Twitter users earn more than $100,000 a year.
  11. 750 Tweets per Second – In an average, 750 tweets are sent per second that makes a total of 400 million tweets sent per day.
  12. Time Spend on YouTube – An average visitor of YouTube, spends 15 minutes on the site daily.
  13. More ‘Singles’ are Using Google+ – According to a report, relationship status of more than 42% Google+ users indicate that they are single.

The above stats show that social media is gaining popularity day by day. It also shows that if you have a limited budget, you can still reach your desired audience. In short, social media is not only an easy and instant way to get in-touch with other people, but it can be used for a wide range of other purposes.