Managing your very busy professional life can be quite challenging at times. From meetings and deadlines to reports and project management, you need to ensure that time in the office is as productive and efficient as possible to guarantee that your work-life is running smoothly. By using some apps and software – among other habits –you can achieve everything that you need to get done more efficiently and quickly, boosting your productivity.

Task Efficiency:

  1. Boomerang:
  2. Boomerang is a quicker, more efficient way of responding to emails. You can schedule messages to go out and get reminders sent to you to respond to emails. You also get read receipts and follow-up reminders if someone hasn’t responded to your email. In short, it helps to control the chaos and organizes communication.

  3. PandaDoc:
  4. PandaDoc is an app that stores templates to assist users create customer-facing documents far quicker. This includes contract management, sales proposals, price quotes, and even the electronic signing of documents. It helps to cut down the time-consuming task of creating these documents through word processors and spreadsheets by automating them.

  5. Hootsuite:
  6. Hootsuite is frequently mentioned as one of the best tools to make social media management easier, allowing you to schedule messages to post, which means you can plan campaigns weeks in advance. Since you can merge all accounts from Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and many more with Hootsuite, you can post across all platforms simultaneously and better track the activity, as well as respond to posts from clientele more efficiently. Hootsuite also helps you find applicable content to post, taking a lot of the work out of coming up with ideas.

    Project management:

  7. Trello:
  8. Based on an approach similar to Pinterest, users create themed boards and invite participants to add to them. This includes chat, image posting, notes, basically whatever is needed for idea generation and collaborative thinking.

  9. Asana:
  10. Also for handling larger, collaborative projects, Asana makes organizing and assigning tasks and responsibilities easy, keeping track of a project’s overall development. It also includes goal-setting features, individual as well as team tasks, calendars, reminders of tasks and their due dates and times, and file attachment and storage setup for collaborative access.

  11. Bitrix:
  12. Bitrix is quite an elaborate collaboration suite, with over 35 tools. It offers communication boards, file uploads, task assignments, chat functions, calendar planning, and cloud access to everything that all participants can see and work on. There are also many more professional tools for telephony, HR, and sales services, among others.


  13. Evernote:
  14. Evernote is one of the more well-known apps and allows you to jot down notes (written, video, picture) and make project to-do lists – with the ability to check things off as they are completed –all of which is accessible wherever you go and that you can share with anyone you decide. And everything is easy to find; even hand-written notes that have been uploaded as images are scanned for keywords and easily brought up in a search.

  15. Fantastical 2:
  16. There are still free options – like Google calendar– however, we find Fantastical 2 to be the best option (despite the $5 price tag). It looks great, clean and functions really well for event management and reminders. You can even enter new events and tasks with voice command.

  17. Momentum:
  18. Momentum is a daily habit tracker that can help you stay on track– whetherit’s your morning workout routine, or repetitive tasks on a long-term project. It also shows you progress, which helps to keep you motivated.


  19. Dropbox:
  20. Dropbox is an industry leader for file sharing, allowing for secure storage of files in a cloud system, with invite-only access. It makes it easier for teams to share work on collaborative projects. Furthermore, the new Dropbox Paper feature is a real-time document creation platform within the program itself, instead of individual users uploading everything and having to share and re-save separate documents.

  21. Doodle:
  22. Doodle is a simple, but incredibly useful tool allowing you to send meeting requests company-wide. This can be a simple opt-in or out option, or you can give multiple dates and times to see which option suits the most members best,saving you from sending out a bunch of emails.

  23. iMeet:
  24. iMeet is a simplified online conference and digital meeting tool. This includes video calling, chats, and collaborative sharing options. Especially good for international companies or ones with multiple branches, this app takes conference calling to a whole new level.