If you really want to catch up someone’s attention and make them interested in you, then now you don’t have to show people that you lack in intellectual acuity. Because, today I am here with the 10 working eye contact flirting moves which will definitely go to work out. To send your message across to the person and receiving the reply back in no time is done through the most safest and the easiest way, i.e. Eye Contact Flirting.

We all do indulge in it because it is simple as well as instinctive. No matter, whether you are in a meeting or at a public place, eye contact flirting is quite interesting. It doesn’t matter you know or like someone or not, making an eye contact easily catches the attention of the person over you and agitates the interests in you. You can simply stare a person for exchanging the glances with each other and eve it helps in striking a conversation as well.

Believe me, eye contact flirting is a fun as well as an easy and safe way of finding that a person is interested in you or not, without pressurizing yourself for moving first. Eye contact flirting has a happy side, i.e. it is harmless. You can exchange your glances while being in a restaurant or at a street. Having a flirting experience is a fun way of bringing a smile on your face.

Everyone loves those stolen glances, even though exchanged with a stranger, it brings a smile on our face. It helps in knowing the fact that the other person is interested in you, without asking them out for a date. Also, you can make the person know that you are interested in them and want to go for a date to know them better.


Whenever you meet someone you like at a restaurant or at a coffee shop or in public, if you don’t know what to do, then make eye contact with the person to exchange few glances with each other. Eye contact flirting is one of the best things which helps in getting the attention of other people over you and in no time makes an impression. You just have to carefully go through these 10 working eye contact flirting moves which will help in getting the right message across the person you like.

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Now and Then, Stare casually

If you see a person you like, then stare casually now and then. The person will give you attention in no time.

Exchange Random Glances

You don’t really have to be hasty while staring at someone, but just exchange a glimpse with the person figuratively. If you will try to be hasty, then you would end up looking as an irritating stalker. When a person stares you back, stare for a second and immediately look away.

Repeat your glances

Just repeat your glances with the person you like, but as soon as they stare you back, just look away immediately. Don’t just hang around the person and avoid staring for more than one second.

Stare and try to convey your feelings

The person to whom you stare might think it as a passing glance, but you just have to let them know about the things going on in your mind. Stare them now and then, which will make him or her realize that you are interested in them. You will kill the excitement, if you stare them for more than a second. Rather than staring for a few minutes, stare them for a second and start building little excitement in them too.

Build the excitement

So, now if the person keeps on staring you back every time, it is time to build the excitement. Just wait for the person to stare you now and then rather than staring at him or her for a couple of minutes. The person to whom you were staring, thinking that why aren’t you staring them more and they will give you attention while keeping a check on you. Building an excitement within the person will make the one more as interested in you as you are.

Wait to get reverse Eye Contact

Just start noticing the person from the corner of your eye and start reversing the eye contact flirting. You just have to keep an eye on the person you like, rather than staring at them completely. Just have patience and give time to the person to stare you back. As soon as the person stares you back, just give them a glance and make it appear as they are interested in looking at you.

Stare for long duration

Until now, you both exchanged fugitive glances with each other, but now it’s time to stare for a long duration. What I mean to say is that stare at the person, lock eyes for more than a second before you look back away.

Smile and Blush

Just pretend to be busy with your friends or relatives and stare them back just for exchanging a glimpse. Just in an obvious manner, look away each time blushing and smiling. While staring, avoid smiling, but smile when you look away.

Check and Watch their response

Is the person looking at you as frequently as you are? Just keep a careful check and watch their response. If they are staring you back, then it means that they are interested in you as well and now, it’s going to be a fun evening. But, if they don’t respond back, then it means they are not interested, so, move on. It simply means that you failed in your eye contact flirting game.

Exchange Smiles while looking at each other

By now, you get to know that the person is equally interested in you, then you can smile while staring them or while exchanging the glances. Just look straight into the eyes of a person and give a smile. Avoid looking away this time. If the person responds to your smile, it means you won a jackpot. And if they look away, then you need to give them more time.

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If a simple smile does wonders, then being a girl, give a guy an opportunity through your eye contact to talk to you. And if you are a guy, then just move forward to start your conversation with her. Enjoy having those eye contact flirting moves.