The same usual break-up pattern, that is, cry, text, begs and tell your feelings. If you think that your love will come back seeing your dedication, then you are wrong. The concept of No Contact Rule is not really a difficult one to comprehend. It significantly means cutting off all the ways of communication with your ex for a particular time period. Generally, this rule falls out after the breakup. Yet, people fail in doing it successfully. Thus, I have thought to teach you all what is the No Contact Rule and how it actually works, so that it’s easy for you to put yourself into it in order to get back your ex.


The topic of No Contact Rule is a universal subject which can be used by the women as well as the men. So, this is the right place for you, if you are trying hard to get back your ex. Let’s stop chasing your ex if he or she has left you. And yes, you can get them back with No Contact Rule. Ah! People have already given me the tag of ‘no contact’ girl because of my advices after their break-up, but let me tell you that it is not a rule which has everything to do with getting your ex back. If you really want to get your ex back, then you have to go through a really complicated process, including different components. One of those components is the No Contact Rule.

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What is the No Contact Rule?

As I have already stated above that the No Contact Rule is the agreement which is made to ourself after the breakup. The rule which is followed for a certain time period when you have to cut all ties from your ex. In simple words, No Contact Rule includes:

  • No texting or messaging
  • No calls to your ex
  • No emails or letters
  • No hanging out
  • Not bumping into them purposely

How long to keep No Contact Rule going?

There are numerous debates about the matter, some say 90 days while some say 60 days, but, personally, I believe that 30 days are more than enough, though I know that each broken relationship needs different time frames for the individuals to cope up with. The 30 days are more than enough for a person to take a deep breath and calm themselves down to think rationally about the situation.

Yes, it is quite tempting to remain in contact with the person we love, but believe me following the No Contact Rule will help you in keeping your life at a move. People say that friendship can turn into love, but have you ever thought that whether your love can turn into friendship or not? Yes, but you have to avoid your lover for a certain period of time. A breakup always affects us emotionally and mentally because on one hand, we are hurt because someone broke our heart into pieces, while on the other hand, we still want to remain in touch with the person.

Yes, the sweetest misery is the LOVE. Sometimes we badly need something, even after knowing the fact that it will hurt us more. If you want to keep in touch with your ex, it’s completely understandable. But sometimes, the best thing is to avoid and break all ties with them, even staying in touch with them feels like you won a racing or a dancing competition.

No Contact Rule- Is it a wise choice?

Each and every relationship can have a sad ending or a happy ending. If the break up is mutual, then it’s a happy one and if your lover is dating someone else or don’t love you anymore, then it’s a sad one. If it’s a happy one, then No Contact Rule has no meaning because you will easily adjust yourself into another relationship or enjoy being single. But if it’s a sad one, then you are left all alone with a broken heart and the No Contact Rule perfectly applies to you.

Though the NO CONTACT RULE is quite a difficult task to follow, but if you really want to be happy, then it is a must. Obviously, it is not an easy task to forget a person whom you love the most, yet down the memory lane, you will realize that following the No Contact Rule was the best choice.