Is your pc performing jobs slower than speed of a tortoise?
Are you getting frustrated from your pc speed?

Then don’t worry, today we are sharing 10 pc tricks by which you can speed up your pc like never before. The best thing about these tricks is that, you don’t have to invest money on implementing them.

#1: Defragment your pc:
if you are a frequent windows user then you know the advantages of defragmentation. The main advantage of defragmentation is that it decreases the system boot time as well as increase system performance. if you are on windows then you don’t need to buy a defragmenter software, inbuilt windows defragmenter software is quite good and you can use that to speed up your pc.

#2: Use NTFS file system:
NTFS file system provides superior security, efficiency and reliability as well. If you don’t know which file system your windows machine is using, then follow below steps to check it:
My Computer icon > right-click on the C: Drive > select Properties > examine the File System type;

for many of the users, it will say FAT32,
To convert FAT32 to NTFS > back-up any important data > click Start > click Run > type CMD>OK.

On command prompt, type CONVERT C: /FS: NTFS and press the Enter.
This process will take a while to complete, but after that your c:/ will convert to NTFS file system.

#3: Disable file indexing:
File indexing service on windows, extract the files from all location and then create an index, This process creates an extra overhead on system speed. So its recommended to disable file indexing feature on windows.

To Disable File Indexing
My Computer> right click on C: Drive > select Properties > Uncheck “Allow Indexing Service to index this disk for fast file searching.” > apply changes to “C: subfolders and files,”> click OK.

#4 Update PC’s drivers:
If you want to operate pc on a high speed then the drivers will play an important role in it. Updated drivers often provide high pc speed. Its recommended to update Motherboard chipset and video driver.

#5 Empty the windows prefetch folder:
In windows machine prefetch folder contains the data which is frequently accessed by users, to provide high file accessing speed. But over load the prefetch makes a pc to operate slowly. Its recommended to empty the prefetch folder in every 2-3 months.

#6 Run Disk Cleanup:
Disk cleanup deletes the temporary files from pc and help users to operate pc at a high speed. Its recommended to run the disk cleanup utility once in a month.
To Run Disk Cleanup utility

My Computer icon > right-click on the C: drive > Properties > Disk Cleanup button

#7 Remove spy wares from pc:
Spy wares usually slow down a computer.Use free programs like AdAware or SpyBot Search & Destroy. Once you install these programs, check for updates and download them. Anything either program finds can be safely removed.

#8 Download Critical windows update:
Download all the critical updates from Microsoft sites, Many times these critical updates consist small system programs which can be prove handy if you want to optimize your pc to operate on a high speed.

#9 Remove unwanted programs:
Every program on windows machine take a part of main memory when it executes. If your pc contains a lot of unwanted programs then your main memory Or Ram will be divide in to more parts. To remove unwanted programs go to control panel and then

#10 Blow dust from CPU:
Once in an year, Open the CPU chassis and then blow out all the dust, Also make sure that CPU fans are working properly. Dust and moisture also degrades the performance of a system by jamming the transistors and circuits.