Trade fairs can certainly be daunting, especially if you’re a budding entrepreneur with minimal past experience in the related field. They are crucial for your company to make a mark in the industry and make your competitors acknowledge your competition. These fairs often demand considerable amounts of investment by your company, so if you’re going to exhibit in one, make sure you make the most out of that investment. Here are some great tips to help you represent your company and product as best as possible:

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Booth Location

Always pick the location for your booth with extreme diligence, as even the smallest factors and negligible errors in picking the location have the potential to completely ruin your company’s exhibition. So, make sure your booth is in just the right place; not overly in the corner and not in the middle of many others that people skip it. Anyplace where it could easily catch the professionals’ eyes should be just fine. If you can pay for the better location, surely do it. Make sure you have your best people on the booth: engaging, interesting conversationalists would be great.

Use a Hook to Catch Attention

To make sure buyers don’t just pass your booth without giving it a second thought, you must seize their attention by appealing to their visual, auditory or even olfactory senses. Use bright colors, lights, or even music if possible. Set up the irresistible ambience that people can’t resist but coming to your booth. Try putting up attractive banner stands; they tend to be really affordable and can be set up easily anywhere inside and outside the venue.

Spread the Word Beforehand

Use social media and other similar platforms like email marketing to spread the word about your trade show. The earlier you start marketing, the more time people get making up their mind, and higher are the chances they’ll visit. Put in some lottery prize for booth visitors, or maybe announce some giveaways for the people. Many people are expected to come this way. Another thing you could do is that distribute a giveaway to the people that announces your booth to the whole venue: something like a wrist band representing your company or product could work. It could also market your product without you being there hands on.

Try Hiring a Trade Show Service

If you have the revenue and don’t want to indulge in all the specifics of the trade fair, one thing you can do is hire a trade show service. In fact, that is what you should do since the experts in the field are adept in settingup your presence on a high note. Your go-to service in this case should be ExpoMarketing; they have a successful history of providing the best exhibit solutions and they specialize in top notch trade show display builds.

Attend a Similar Trade Show By Yourself First

A rather smart way of setting up a trade fair for your company is by attending a similar tradeshow yourself and noting all the specifics of a successful display. Notice how people market their companies, and what the most successful booths do to standout. Also, notice the location, ambience, and the reaction of people to specifics. Learn how people behave and then exploit this information the next time you come with your own booth.

Look For Ingenuity And Creative Ideas

The most successful trade shows are the ones depicting innovation through creative ideas that make for a great first impression.Yes,that’s true.As the old adage goes,first impressions always last.So, give your creative flair a jiggle and come up with some awe-inspiring ways to present your merchandise at the event.Showcase your brand like never before and what better way to do that than a booth high on ingenuity and aesthetics.Search online for some great ideas for trade show booths that you could draw inspiration from and concoct your own to make a lasting impression.

Pre-show Connect With The Audience

Most companies follow this trend of setting up pre-event meetups and linkups with their audience and attendees for the event.It helps with the promotions, as people get to know your brand and feel more connected to it.Marketing thrives on building strong customer relationships and retain best strategies.Arranging a meeting with your audience a month before the trade show will strengthen the connection and help bridge the gap.Consider it as a great opportunity to solicit feedback and suggestions from the attendees regarding your products,some of which can actually be used to present your brand at the show.

Don’t Miss Out On Your Best Clients

Your loyal customers are your brand’s essence.People who already know you and the products are sure to attend your trade show, so include them in the attendees list when preparing for the event.There’s a good chance they’ll buy again at the booth, so why leave them out.A great idea is to send personal invites to your best clients and if they aren’t already going to the show,buy them tickets.This is not only going to lure them into attending a brilliant event but will also draw a ‘wow’ out of them when you go an extra mile to make them feel a part of your brand.

Marketing Paradigm

Promotions should not be about selling but, in fact, gaining.Getting to know your customers and their expectations is what marketing is all about.When you show interest in others,they will be interested in your brand. Same goes for your employees who sell products and provide services.Your staff should be happy selling your merchandise, as their interest in your brand would help with marketing and profitability.Your marketing paradigm should portend an intent to link rather than just sell.

Start Early With The Preparations

Trade shows take some time with preparations, and if you want to land a booth that’s a sure shot winner, then start early with the prep and organizing.This includes things like designing your floor plan for the event,reserving space,shipping and setting up of your trade show booth,decorating it and finalizing last minute details.Planning well ahead of the event can help enhance the overall experience and avoid being mired by small things left undone till the end.Exhibitors who start early tend to emerge winners with a successful trade show booth.

These were some quick pragmatic tricks for you to keep in mind when exhibiting at a trade fair. If you’ve got some yourself, please share with us in the comments. Best of luck!