So, finally you said a YES to your man now. Want to go for a date? Is it your first date with him? Sometimes first dates are quite tricky and because of the same we are here with the best 10 first date tips for women. Women take more time than men in getting ready for their first day and take numerous busting nerves up days for the same. There might be a possibility that the person with whom you are going to have your first date might not be your life partner, but it is not really any of such major events of your life.

Be Relax

You really don’t have to focus on being alluring or witty, but actually your partner wants to date the real woman inside you. Don’t feel nervous at all, but be relaxed and confident while being with him.

Positive attitude with a smile

You need to find fun in every situation on your first date rather than showing a useless attitude of yourself to him. Men often comment on those contagious smiles of women and even make him feel good.

Dress up yourself smartly

It is being rightly said that, the first impression is your last impression so your first impressions matter the most, be in your comfort zone. Pick the best outfit which makes you feel great and is appropriate rather than reveal you too much. (See: What to wear on a first date?)

Show respect

You need to be polite on your first date and show up on time. Do not divert your attention and even don’t worry if you won’t show up with him again, but at the particular point make sure you show up your etiquette skills.

Switch off your phone

You need to understand that he didn’t invite any of your friend or follower on your first date so you need to create a comfort zone for both of yourself to give each other much time.

Don’t play games rather allow him to lead

If your partner wants to clear the bill, let him rather than playing games with him. If you want to split, then split it. You need to understand that he is as nervous as you are but you both have plenty of time to share a comfortable relationship with each other.

Be critical

You need to be decisive on your first date as it gives you a wide variety of options so pick one. Set yourself loose and let your heart speak out.

Be attentive

You need to be present and show your interest with him on your first date. Show up yourself as an active listener and don’t just talk about yourself, let him talk his head over to you as well.

Set up your boundaries

Be careful! It’s your first date and you need not share much about yourself. Understand about your physical boundaries as you will have more dates may be to share more and more about you. It is quite not a god idea to talk about or have sex on a first date.

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Eat & Drink normally

Don’t forget that you are a normal person and if you are nervous then don’t act weirdly in front of him. Order normally and eat normally otherwise your guy might think that you are having some food issues.

These are the best 10 first date tips for women which they must follow on their first date. If you are aware about any more such first date tips, then don’t forget to share.