So, finally she said yes. Now, what you are up to? Preparing for a candle light dinner on Friday night, finally your first date? On your first date, you have to ensure that whatever you say to her must sound music to her ears rather than those squeaking sounds like your bike brakes. Your girl expects you say your heart out, but that only depends on your situation and here we are with 10 first date tips for men. You can simply alter these tips according to your situations as well as circumstances.

Dating tips for men

Plan and decide the time and place

You must have an answer to this question that where and when you will take your partner on a first date. Make ensure that you pick up a place which is comfortable for you both as well as less conducive to your conversations. Movie dates are highly popular among couples, but considering about the first dates, they are not as great as having a candle dinner on the hotel terrace. So, it’s time to plan out for an interactive first date where you can both comfortably speak your heart out and know each other in a better way.

Remunerate Yourself

You have to make sure that you are the person who needs to pay off the bills on your first date even if she offers say NO as you are the person who initially planned out your first date. You are both similar to couples now wherein you can split the bills later on if you want to. But for the time being, assert on paying the check on the same.

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Have confidence

Your female counterpart has already accepted your proposal, which significantly means that she wants to be there with you. You need to be confident enough about your first date as you really need to share your feelings to her.

Wear a dress to impress

On your first date, wear clothes in which you are comfortable and you think that your girl would love you for wearing those amazing clothes which suits you the best. There is no need to wear a suit with a tie, but make sure you brush your teeth as well as put on those clothes which doesn’t look like you slept in.

Reach on time

If she doesn’t show herself up on time, then it’s fashionably obvious that she wants you to reach on time because it’s a trend for boys getting late for their dates. So, you need to be gracious enough to reach the place on time.

Be thoughtful and pay full attention

Don’t feel nervous while answering her questions here as it’s not your job interview. LOL! Make ensure that you answer her sweetly without being arrogant and in return with ask her too with a smile on your face and with sweet gestures.

Use appropriate compliments

It is pretty obvious that she must have put in her best efforts for her first date with you, so look into her deep and shower with one or two beautiful compliments for her. Avoid using more sexual words rather goes in by “beautiful” or “gorgeous”.

Prove that Courtesy towards women is still alive

Though she is being an independent woman, doesn’t mean that you can’t open a door for her or offer her a seat opposite to you.

Wish her a Goodbye or Goodnight

Don’t end up your evening with a failure rather be an intentional gentleman for wishing her a Goodbye or Goodnight as suitable and initiate a kiss or a handshake or a hug. Don’t just leave her standing alone at the place, drop her home and prove to be a gentleman.

Follow Up

If you think that following that 3-day rule for saying those 3-magical words, then do ignore. If you and she had a great time together, let her know your true feelings for her and say I LOVE YOU.

These are the best 10 first date tips for men which they can implement easily. You need to be graceful while applying these tips because every woman is different according to their comfort zones.