It is really important to ask the right questions on your first date at the right venue. So, you have been seeing each other for a few days now and continues with messaging and everything. But, it’s your first date and we simply can’t tell you what to ask him or her. Yes, it is easier to tell you about 10 first date questions to avoid. Do you want everything to be perfect for your first date? Well, I can advise you all with these tested and tried tricks which definitely going to benefit you all by leaving a great impression on your lover.

Avoid asking about Ex-partners

It is your first date with a guy or girl whom you are eyeing for last few months. So, it is better to enjoy the moment rather than narrating about your past relationships or ex-partners. You will definitely going to end up well in revealing the flaws in your character and even it might fill your partner with a suspicion that you are still not over with your previous love. Do not express bitterness over your past relationships. Show your partner that you are starting anew with a clean slate and have fun.

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Avoid asking about Personal Problems

There is no harm discussing about each other’s personal problem, but it is not good at all to rake them upon first date. Don’t try to open up the “problem’ box. Just enjoy the moment of being with your date and have fun enjoying each other’s company.

Avoid discussing about Politics

If you dare to discuss about politics, then it will surely turn your date from romantic to a sour one. Politics is one of the most heated topics for discussion, so it is better to avoid asking questions about politics.

Avoid discussing about Religion

Ok! Guys, it is your first date and surely you can discuss about your belief in the existence of God and what is their importance. But, discussing about the same leads into metaphysical arguments which are quite heavy for a first date. If you don’t want your date to ignore you, just avoid such topics.

Avoid questions about Sex

Yes, you can discuss something about Kama Sutra, but avoid asking questions about sex. It just shows your curiosity of being physical with your date. It might lead to put off.

Avoid asking about Health Problems

Don’t talk or ask about the health problems as it will only lead to disappearing your date away from you. Yes, you can expect a little sympathy towards your broken leg or infections, but no date can endure about your uncle’s or aunt’s health issues.

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Avoid talking about Technical stuff

Remember that you can impress your date with your super knowledge about software and hardware. The woman really gets bored when their date discusses more about the technical stuff. Avoid asking technical questions from your date, as it is not an appropriate topic for your first date.

Avoid discussing about Sports

Though men and women both do enjoy sports, but it is not an appropriate topic to discuss on your first date. Sports can make your dating scene little boring and if you think that you can impress your date by telling him or her about your knowledge on the latest stats, then you are absolutely wrong. It’s your first date, so forget everything and just have fun.

Avoid talking on Money matters

Avoid asking questions about the earnings. A question about wealth of a person will simply put them off and shows that you are actually a gold digger.

Avoid complaining and whining

It is your first date where you just need to smile rather than frowning and complaining about your bad day in traffic or at the office. This will simply put your date off from the evening. First dates are not for discussing about your grievances, but to know each other well.

All in all, avoid asking these 10 questions which are mentioned above on your first date because discussing about these topics might be heavy or controversial for your first date. You just have fun and enjoy being with your love.