Search engine optimization is a technique  by which you can gain a lot of traffic  for your favorite online in the case of it is strong. SEO is considered as an incremental process  and  includes small modifications  for your websites. Here are a few tips that will help you in making your SEO strong

 SEO Tips For 2013

SEO Tips For 2013

Put a keyword in the domain name
If you interested in the search engine optimization  then make sure that you are  making proper use of the keywords . Include the keyword  in the domain name for example

Include the keyword in the URL (post)
If there is no keyword in the URL, then include it. Always add permalink in the WordPress and blogger URL. If  in the URL  you cannot see the post on the link  then there is a great requirement  of  changing  the options of the permalinks.

Use keywords in the meta description, tag, body and heading.
It is important to use the keywords in the title, meta description and body of the article and you also have to make sure that you are not stuffing keywords too much. Just use one keyword in the sun heading . By you are present in the  WordPress  self hosted  blog then take the assistance of the WordPress SEO by Yoast.

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Image optimization
Add title and ALT tags  on all the  images you are putting on the website  and make sure  that the image is optimized properly  to avoid server load. For WordPress you  can utilize plugin  to automatically perform this task and for other platforms stand alone software  like XnConvert or Gimp can be utilized. Reducing the size of the image without compromising the quality  of the images is known as lossless optimization  and will decrease the loading time.

You can interlink  all  of your posts which are related and  make sure that  it contains relevant keywords.  Avoid  linking in depth and utilization of the similar keywords. If you are linking with  outbound links  then make sure all the time that you are  linking  Google site  and  never ever link to the spam sites.

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Optimization of the blogs /website
It is proved that less the  loading time of your website more will the incoming traffic. Best practice you can utilize here  is to avoid exceeding  100k page size and decrease  the scripts which are not important including meta tags from your websites. There are several valuable tools such as google page speed tool by which you can check the speed of your website. The tool will also suggest  you about the cations  that you can take to optimize  websites.

Make submissions  to directories  and search engines
Create  an analytics account  and Google webmaster  and submit your website  including  your rankings , sitemap and other important details. Submit your website/blog to bing   and all the other search engines  like Yandex, Baidu etc. listing your website  in demos will take twelve months but if you get successful  then it will hugely impact your rankings in a good manner.

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Easy navigation
Make sure that your website is not complicated  and users do not find any difficulty  in navigating your website. Include as many features as you can  such as two site maps for the other search engines  and visitors as well. You can use breadcrumps  for the XML Sitemaps  and internal Sitemaps  for the search engines. This will help you in making a user friendly website.

 Use quality content
We all know how important content is , provide  informative, useful and interesting content to your users and decrease the bounce rate. Avoid copying content from other websites. Create fresh content  which is  simple and easy to read  for your readers  and not search engines.

Content is King But SEO is Queen

Use your social network
Create profiles on different social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook . LinkedIn, Google+. Share content daily on these  social network accounts. Make sure  that you are putting your domain name on the profiles.

There are several other tips  for the 2013, out of these are the  most important 10 tips  which you can follow . You can share  your ideas in the comment box and feel free to explore other blogs.

Bonus tip
Add your eCommerce website  in  foursquare or Google maps  and make sure that you are updating it regularly.