The age of the Internet has opened multiple doors for people to interact with people, ideas sharing and to find information, regardless your whereabouts. The power of the web has been used by people for growing their vast and successful businesses as well as helped them in raising funds for major causes and influencing the masses, changed their lifestyle. Yes, it is true that one of the most important things which is useful for humanity is, the Internet. But, as you all know that every good thing has a dark side too, so does have the Internet. In a short period of time, the online world has turned out to be scary, carrying activities like phishing, cyberbullying, hacking, sexting and much more, which you even don’t expect from it.

Though there are numerous controversial internet trends as well as activities which are associated with the online web world, here is the list of top 10 most controversial trends on the Internet.


It is a slang word in a informal language consisting of words and expressions that are not considered appropriate for formal occasions; often vituperative or vulgar. It is associated with the sexually explicit content, either testing or messaging. By words, videos or photos. It is the most controversial trend and most popular among young adults and teens who tries their best to show their keenness for impressing their lovers. The most common short-lived messaging app for sexting is SnapChat. The sexually explicit videos or photos disappear soon after they have been viewed, and ensures the users that none can see their messages. But, people end up facing severe consequences when recipients save the received messages and sexual photos. They freely post them on social media websites, open for everyone to see.


Use of internet and mobile technologies to bully, especially amongst children and teenagers is cyberbullying. For instance, insulting status updates, photo posts which humiliates, name-calling. There are many social apps which have zero tolerance of cyberbullying. The most vulnerable are the teens and kids because they start using the internet at such an early age.

Catfishing and cyberstalking

Stalking came in even before the Internet became a social place to interact with people around. Social media have started taking over the Internet along with the mobile location sharing, which makes stalking even easier. Cyberstalking takes place online, also known as catfishing. These specifically involve pedophiles (people who are sexually attracted towards children) and predators who pose themselves differently online with fraudulent intentions, try to tempt ingenuous teens and people who finally end up meeting them. Those meetings might end up in assaulting, abduction or even worse consequences.

Revenge Porn

It is one of the most popular, controversial trend on the Internet which is increasing from time-to-time. It is associated with posting videos and photos which are obtained while being in relationship with the person and posting the same with every bit of information, accessible to all. There are even numerous cases, even when a person takes photos and videos of people without their prior knowledge.

Invisible Web Exploitation

It is also known as deep web, a part of your everyday browsing, consisting all information up to which even the search engines can’t reach. It is similar to an iceberg, where you just see its tip (surface web), but its massive size (invisible web) deluged underwater. It is that part of the web, which is when explored, takes the person through unimaginable as well as dreadful activities.


The term is described as the luring of an internet user to reveal personal details (like passwords and credit card information) on a fake web page or email from pretending to come from a legitimate company (like their bank). Clicking any of the links in the content might lead to download deliberately harmful software, which is designed in order to gain access to all the information stored online. Most of these scams are received through emails and disguised as prestigious companies which urge people to take some actions.

Hacking of password-protected information

The act of phishing leads to the identity theft of a person, but remember not to click unnecessarily on luring offers. There are many websites and apps in the market like Dropbox, LinkedIn, SnapChat, PayPal and many more which experiences the violation of their security measures.

Social Media Unprofessional Behavior

If you are a job seeker, then you need to be careful about the information you share on social media. The employers always search the Google engine to find suitable candidates and call them for an interview, but unfortunately many people lost their jobs due to their controversial tweets and status updates. You really need to be careful while posting online in order to maintain your and your business’s reputation.


The use of the internet is widely popular among people for carrying out criminal as well as illegal activities on a daily basis. Social media is the main place where most of the terrorist plans, murderous threats, underage users sign up themselves for adult websites and much more ends up falling out.

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Addiction to Internet

The internet addiction is more like a psychological disorder, which does impact the daily life of people. It is associated with the overuse of PCs and comes in numerous forms like video gaming, social media, pornography. Also, it includes selfie posting and YouTube videos.

These are the top 10 most controversial trends on the Internet. If you are a web user, then you really need to ensure about your online security and safety.