Many top bloggers are blogging from past many years and they have learnt many secrets of blogging in their journey. But, for a newbie it’s always a hard task for succeeding in blogging. But, now you don’t have to worry as here you can find the secrets of blogging from top bloggers. Some of the secrets like internal linking, publishing content frequently, external linking, and keywords selection are the basic secrets of top bloggers to optimize their blog to rank higher in search engine. Below, you can find the list of blogging secrets from top bloggers:



Internal and External linking : Top bloggers know the value of internal linking, that too it should be at the top of the blog post. These internal links are proved to be the best of optimizing your blog and attract the visitors to stay longer on your blog. So make sure you should add the internal links to the blog archive at the top most part of your blog post. Also, don’t try to add the external linking at the top; add the external inks after first or second paragraph of your post. Make sure you don’t use keywords in the anchor text keep that keywords for other part of your post. Don’t add to much links otherwise your blog will be considered as spam by the search engines.


Keywords : You must add keywords to your post body and titles. Try to use the keywords at the beginning of your post. But, don’t make your post as a list of keyword as it will be considered as spam by the search engine spiders. Also, don’t neglect the quality of your content by adding keywords in the sentences that doesn’t make sense.

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Regular posts : Top bloggers posts lots of content in their blog. Adding more contents is directly proportional to the growth of your blog i.e. more contents you are publishing more chances of getting your blog to grow.


Be patience : Top bloggers always be patient as they know visitors will not drive to their blog overnight. So the main thing is publish your posts patiently and be ready to face all the situations that come ahead to your journey.


Be focused : Being focus is the only way to grow your blog. If you are promoting your blog on social media like Facebook, and Twitter then you can just make your online presence. But, the people will visit your blog much so if you deteriorate the content in your blog people will stop visiting your blog no matter how much you promote your blog.


Stick with your niche : Before starting a blog you must decide about the niche of your blog. Then stick with your niche and start posting the contents on your niche. After your blog grows then you can expand your niche. But, being consistent is the only way to build brand and blog.


Add great titles : Top bloggers know the only way to drive both social media traffic and search traffic is posting content with good titles. You have to do lots of research on keywords and interest of the visitors and then decide the good topic title for your post.

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Post original content : Top blogs have been preferred much just because they add original content to their blog. So, you just don’t copy the content from any other blog you can discuss about the same content but in your way. You must post the content in your unique way.


Search good contributors : Top blogs have many good contributors to write content. Top blogs always stand out in front of other blogs just because the contributors are highly knowledgeable and experienced. So, you must also search for the good contributor for your blog.


Add visual effects : Visitors always look first your blog outlook then they read content. Top blogs always makes a style guide and tells contributors to follow. This way you can make your blog posts look consistent from headlines to the placement of images. Make sure of adding images to break the long sentence so that readers should connect with your content. Also, you can add some videos and the visual element to your blog.